Busan News

Haeundae-gu First District to Test All Employees for Coronavirus

Haeundae-gu is conducting a preemptive test for the new coronavirus infection for all employees working at the district office and community centers.

Busan’s Acting Mayor Byeon Seong-wan Resigns to Run For City Mayor in April Elections

Acting Busan Mayor Byun Seong-wan has stepped down as the head of the office to run for the Busan Mayoral Election.

33,857 Cars Added on Busan’s Streets Last Year

The number of cars on Busan's streets increased by 33,857 in 2020.

Busan Adjusts Social Distancing to Level 2 Until the 31st

Level 2.5 stage of social distancing, which was originally planned to be extended by the city of Busan until the 31st, was adjusted to Level 2 from today until the 31st of the month.

Yeongnak Park and Memorial Park to Close Public Burial Sites Over The Lunar New Year Holidays

The Busan Metropolitan Government will close public burial sites and facilities at Yeongnak Park and Memorial Park during the Lunar New Year holidays.

134,000 COVID-19 Vaccinations Expected in Busan in the First Quarter of 2021

Plans for vaccinations for COVID-19 in Busan are speeding up as the promotion team has been put in place and work has begun.

All City Bus and Taxi Drivers to be Tested for COVID-19 in Busan

The city of Busan is furthering its commitment to creating a safe environment for citizens to use public transport.

City of Busan Encouraging COVID-19 Testing of at Least 1 Person Per Household Until Feb. 14th

Busan Metropolitan City announced that it has launched the “One Person per Household COVID Testing” campaign to prevent and overcome the spread of COVID-19.

City of Busan to Host Meeting to Discuss International Tourism City Plans Today

The city of Busan will hold a Citizens' Briefing on the Basic Plan to develop Busan into an International Tourism City at the BEXCO Auditorium today at 2 pm.

Nine Suspected Gamblers Charged With Violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act

Nine people were charged with the Infections Disease Prevent Act after being suspected of gambling in an office building.

City of Busan to Reorganize its Investment Support System

Busan City Office announced that it will completely reorganize its investment support system to attract domestic and foreign companies to invest here.

City Officials Struggle to Keep Up With Self-Quarantine Patients

A husband and pregnant wife self-quarantined in Busan were without a visit from a public official for four days.