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Drunk Teen Causes Subway Service Disruption

BUSAN, South Korea -- A 16-year-old surnamed Kim was observed being drunk and violent towards passengers in a subway train around Toseong subway station at 8:30 pm yesterday. This caused the train service to be delayed for 15 minutes. 

According to the police, the high school student was extremely drunk, and obstructing the train service by putting his feet in the gap between the train and the platform. 

The student was detained before being sent home to his parents.

Source: Busan eFM News

Chinese Investments Continue to Grow Around Busan

According to realtor agents in Busan, a Chinese realty firm recently said that it will purchase part of the Songnim Park at Haeundae Beach. This...

BTC to Tackle Subway Fare Evasion Problem

BUSAN, South Korea -- The city of Busan said that it imposed a total of 344 million won in fines to almost 12,900 passengers who illegally boarded the subway last year. 

There were about 12,700 cases of unpaid riders in 2012. This was consistent with the yearly average of about 13,000. 

The city and the Busan Transportation Corporation said that it will conduct a massive crack down regarding this problem.

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Jinhae Naval Port Festival Among Many Scheduled Around Gyeongnam Region this Spring

BUSAN, South Korea -- Starting with the 52nd Jinhae Naval Port Festival this coming March 31st, various spring festivals will be held in Gyeongnam. 

The Jinhae Naval Port Festival, which is an eve festival with the subject of 'flower, light and hope', will be held with 360 thousand cherry blossoms until the 10th of April. The performance of the marine band and the fireworks show will be held together at the festival. 

Following this festival, the Gimhae Gaya Culture Festival where the parade performance of King Suro, a progenitor of Gaya, and the waterway experience of Huh Hwang-ohk will be held around Daesung-do (???) tomb site on the 11th of next month. 

In addition, local specialty festivals including Changwon Jindong (?? ??) festival and Haman Araje (???) watermelon festival will be held next month. 

City Launches New Chinese and Japanese Social Media Sites

BUSAN, South Korea -- In early March, using the popular Weibo, Youku and Yahoo microblogging websites, the City of Busan launched its newly designed blogging service to promote the city to Chinese and Japanese tourists.

The City of Busan will not only be able to respond to user's comments and messages in real time, but will also be able to provide up-to-date news and information about the city relating to tourism, culture, major events and festivals. 

2014 Nationwide Cherry Blossom Blooming Date Forecast

In the cities of Busan, Ulsan, and Tongyeong the cherry blossoms are expected to begin to bloom between April 1 - 2 around areas closer to...

Sister City Garden to be Built in Busan Citizens Park

BUSAN, South Korea -- Traditional gardens from Busan's sister cities are to be built in Busan Citizens Park which is scheduled to open the end of April, 2014. 

To promote friendship among Busan's 26 sister cities, the City of Busan asked its sister cities' to establish a traditional garden in Busan Citizens Park and the cities of Fukuoka in Japan, Shanghai in China, and Vladivostok in Russia showed intentions of building their garden in the park.   

Police to Seek Arrest Warrants for 10 People in Connection With BUFS Accident

BUSAN, South Korea -- The police plans to request an arrest warrant for five to six executives and staff members of Gyeongju Mauna Resort next week on charges of the involuntary manslaughter injury and death in relation with Gyeongju Mauna Resort collapse accident that happened on February 17th.

The police said it called on people concerned with the construction of the resort and public officials recently and investigated them. The police will also indict four to five people more without detention.

The number of people to receive the judicial action will be up to 10 people.

Source: Busan eFM News

No Busan Universities Crack Influential Times Higher Education List

Seoul National University (SNU) took 44th place in one of the most influential international university rankings rising from 59th place last year. No Busan...

City Bus Safety Violations Down in 2013

BUSAN, South Korea -- An official with the city of Busan announced the city has found 105 city bus safety violations. The violations included excess tire wear, faulty lighting systems and improper fire extinguisher management. The inspections were conducted by gu and gun officials, jointly with the Korea Transportation Authority. 

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority inspected 245 buses operated by 27 companies. 

This is a decrease of 203 violations found during the last inspection, which took place last year. That inspection covered 266 village buses and 26 companies. 

The total pool of vehicles included 571 buses operated by 58 companies, which operate 136 routes. 

The inspections began February 17th and ended March 10th. 

Source: Busan eFM News

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