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Sister City Garden to be Built in Busan Citizens Park

BUSAN, South Korea -- Traditional gardens from Busan's sister cities are to be built in Busan Citizens Park which is scheduled to open the end of April, 2014. 

To promote friendship among Busan's 26 sister cities, the City of Busan asked its sister cities' to establish a traditional garden in Busan Citizens Park and the cities of Fukuoka in Japan, Shanghai in China, and Vladivostok in Russia showed intentions of building their garden in the park.   

Police to Seek Arrest Warrants for 10 People in Connection With BUFS Accident

BUSAN, South Korea -- The police plans to request an arrest warrant for five to six executives and staff members of Gyeongju Mauna Resort next week on charges of the involuntary manslaughter injury and death in relation with Gyeongju Mauna Resort collapse accident that happened on February 17th.

The police said it called on people concerned with the construction of the resort and public officials recently and investigated them. The police will also indict four to five people more without detention.

The number of people to receive the judicial action will be up to 10 people.

Source: Busan eFM News

No Busan Universities Crack Influential Times Higher Education List

Seoul National University (SNU) took 44th place in one of the most influential international university rankings rising from 59th place last year. No Busan...

City Bus Safety Violations Down in 2013

BUSAN, South Korea -- An official with the city of Busan announced the city has found 105 city bus safety violations. The violations included excess tire wear, faulty lighting systems and improper fire extinguisher management. The inspections were conducted by gu and gun officials, jointly with the Korea Transportation Authority. 

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority inspected 245 buses operated by 27 companies. 

This is a decrease of 203 violations found during the last inspection, which took place last year. That inspection covered 266 village buses and 26 companies. 

The total pool of vehicles included 571 buses operated by 58 companies, which operate 136 routes. 

The inspections began February 17th and ended March 10th. 

Source: Busan eFM News

School For North Korean Refugees Opened in Gangseo-gu

BUSAN, South Korea -- A school for the education of North Korean refugee students was opened in Busan Gangseo-gu. 

The Alliance of Action Movement for North Korean Human Rights and Democratization Foundation hosted the school's opening ceremony at 3 p.m., yesterday. 

13 students are registered and seven openings at the school were vacant. Four full-time teachers will teach at the school alongside 20 volunteers. The school will be called the Jang Dae-hyun (???) school. 

The school will be a boarding style unification alternative school. It was established after remodeling a four-story building. The renovations cost 1.2 billion won, which was donated by an anonymous benefactor. 

Busan to Install Speed-Limiting Devices on All City Buses

BUSAN, South Korea -- An official with the city of Busan announced plans to install a speed-limiting device to limit the highest speeds to under 80 kilometers an hour on all city buses. The move is to prevent traffic accidents beforehand and to stop bad driving. 

94 buses were tested with the device along eight Sejin city routes over a five-month period that began in August 2013. The devices reduced traffic accidents, management expenses and reduced the number of civil appeals over the previous year. 

Bus drivers and riders were also happy with the new system. 

Source: Busan eFM News

26-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection With Cash Transport Truck Robbery

BUSAN, South Korea -- A 26-year-old man was apprehended yesterday in a motel in Hwayang-dong in Seoul at 12:15 a.m. this morning, a day after robbing a transport truck carrying money from the Busan tollgate of the Seoul-Busan Expressway. 

After being arrested, he was transferred to the Busan Geum-jeong Police Agency. He said that he committed the crime to raise funds to go on a trip and for business purposes. 

He had worked for seven  months in the cash transport company which had been affected by this case and resigned at the end of last year. 

A cash transport vehicle carrying 219 million won of cash was robbed at 3:28 a.m. yesterday at the Busan tollgate of the Seoul-Busan Expressway. 

City Looks to Add 1,400 Parking Lots

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan City will build 1,400 parking lots in residential areas and take stronger measures against illegal parking. 

The city will also create an additional 568 parking spaces in public parking areas, 490 residential parking spaces and 350 attached parking spaces. 

The city has a long history of dealing with parking problems and a lack of space available for public parking. The fines for towing illegally parked cars was also just raised for the first time in 14 years to help alleviate illegal parking.

Source: Busan eFM News



219 Million Won Stolen in Cash Transport Truck Robbery

BUSAN, South Korea -- A cash transport vehicle carrying 219 million won of cash was robbed at 3:28 am today in the Busan tollgate of the Seoul-Busan Expressway. 

This vehicle was found in front of Geunmjung-gu Jungryoung-dong Probation Office 11 minutes after the incident. The vehicle was on its last stop to the Busan tollgate, after collecting cash from the Gyeongbuk Gyeong-san tollgate. 

Source: Busan eFM News

80 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossils Found in Dudo Confirmed to Be From Cretaceous Period

BUSAN, South Korea -- Four years ago, an 80 million-year-old dinosaur fossil was discovered at Dudo, located at the entrance to Gamcheon Port. 

According to the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office, the fossils were confirmed to be from the Cretaceous period. 

The office also said world-renowned dinosaur expert Dr. Corwin Sullivan and Professor Emeritus Kim Hang-mok, from Pusan National University, jointly researched the finding.

The fossil has a similar bone frame to the Auroraceratops, or the Archaeoceratops, which are herbivorous dinosaurs. This is the first time this kind of dinosaur was found in Korea. 

Source: Busan eFM News

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