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Four Arrested For Producing Counterfeit Goods

BUSAN, South Korea -- The International Crime Investigation Team under the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency has arrested four, charging the individuals with producing and distributing counterfeit outdoor products across the country. 

One suspect named Kim, forty-four, established a secret factory disguised as medical equipment sales company to forge twelve-thousand pieces of clothing, valued up to four billion won. The clothes were disguised as famous outdoor brands. 

Kim served as a former clothes design professional in an enterprise of middle standing, for fifteen years. 

Source: Busan eFM News

PHOTOS: Yeong-do Bridge Becomes Drawbridge Again After 47 Years

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Busan Yeongdo Bridge will once again become a drawbridge, using the function which stopped 47 years ago. The bridge will be fully operational on November 27th. 

An official with the city said the bridge's re-opening ceremony will be at 2 p.m. on the 27th, with guests including Hur Nam-shik, the mayor of Busan. 

The bridge will stay open for 20 minutes during the ceremony and will draw its deck once a day at 12 p.m. 

The Yeongdo Grand Bridge, Busan's first bridge to connect the mainland to an island, was built in 1934.

Source: Busan eFM News

Friedrich-Alexander University Busan Recruiting Students for 2014 Spring Semester

BUSAN, South Korea -- FAU (Friedrich-Alexander University) Busan branch campus located in the Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone is recruiting 25 graduate students for the 2014 spring semester. 

Recruitment will focus on the following six majors:  Bioprocess Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Environmental Process Engineering, and Mechanical Process Technology.

Local Casinos Under Fire For Illegal FX Dealings

BUSAN, South Korea -- Two domestic casinos are undergoing customs inspections on charges of illegal dealings of foreign exchange worth three trillion, one-hundred billion won. 

An official with Busan and Gyeongnam Customs said the agency became suspicious of illegal dealings of Paradise Casino in Busan, the Busan Lotte Branch of Seoul and Grand Korea Leisure and has been inspecting the companies. 

These casinos are suspected of providing game chips to foreign visitors with a credit guarantee. The casino is also accused of having visitors settle money in local casinos, according to the results of gambling, after returning to their country. 

Source: Busan eFM News


G-Star Gaming Festival Opens Tomorrow

BUSAN, South Korea -- Now in its ninth year, Korea's biggest game festival will be held under the theme of  'Game Together, Dream Forever.' More than 450 game-related businesses, including Nexen, Neowiz, Kakao, Blizzard and Nintendo, will occupy 2,261 booths. This is a 7.1 percent increase from last year's 2,111 booths.

The key characteristic of G-STAR 2013 will be an expansion of the B2B (business-to-business) Hall for domestic and foreign buyers. This year's B2B Hall will have a staggering 1,026 booths, a 41.3 percent increase from last year's 726 booths. The size of the exhibition space is 18,000 square meters (193,750 square feet), compared to last year's 13,200 square meters. 

Cold Snap to Last Until Tomorrow

BUSAN, South Korea -- This morning's low temperatures in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam reached the lowest this year. According to Busan weather agency, the temperature dropped to 3.3 degrees Celsius, three to five degrees lower than the yearly average. 

In Ulsan and some inland areas, the temperature dropped to below zero, causing the year's first frost. 

The Busan weather agency forecasted the chilly weather, colder than the temperature average, will continue until tomorrow, November 13th. 

In other weather news, Jiri Mountain has received its first snowfall. An official with Jiri Mountain National Park Office said it had snowed under one centimeter for the first time yesterday morning in the mountain's high zone. 

The mountain's snowfall came about one week later than last year. The hoarfrost on the tree was also about fifteen days later than the yearly average. 

Two Arrested For Reporting False Terror Attack

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Busan Haeundae Police Station arrested two people who reported a false terrorist attack. The accused called the 112 report center on October 29th, saying that they heard of a plot to strike BEXCO during a meeting of the World Council of Churches. 

Because of the false report, police officers barricaded the site and searched for explosions. 

Source: Busan eFM News






Busan Port Festival: See an Iconic Century-old Beach in a Whole New Light

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Busan Port Lighting Festival will be held from Nov. 8-17 at Songdo Beach. Splendid colors will light the autumn skies of Songdo Beach and the city of Busan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Songdo Beach. The Busan Port Lighting Festival will be held Nov. 8-17 in the Songdo Beach area. This marks its fourth year, and the theme is 1,000 Years of Light - 100 Years Full of Memories, a Millennia of Songdo, Full of Happiness. 

At the festival, visitors will be able to see artworks created with the theme of light. At the Luminarie Light Plaza, there will be tens of thousands of splendid light bulbs gleaming. 

BFIA Recruiting International Students for Global Internship Program

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Busan Foundation for International Activities (BFIA) is expanding its Global Internship Program for international students. Starting from this year, the foundation will now accept applicants twice a year. 

The internship helps international students residing in Busan to find a job and get a taste of life in a Korean workplace.

In July and August of this year, 15 international students from countries such as China, Japan and Uzbekistan finished valuable internship programs at four different enterprises, including Busan Bank, Lotte Hotel, Air Busan and M-GAME. 

Students, Parents Furious Over CSAT Mishap

Test takers and parents are continuing to complain about the broadcasting accident that happened during the listening test of the College Scholastic Ability Test...

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