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Smoking to be Prohibited at all Restaurants from 2015

BUSAN, South Korea -- All customer areas of general restaurants, eateries, and bakeries larger than 150? were designated as non-smoking areas effective from December 8, 2012, and this designation will be applied to areas larger than 100? from January 1, 2014 and to all businesses from January 1, 2015. 

The six-month grace period of the non-smoking policy ended on June 30, 2013. From July 1, those caught smoking in non-smoking areas will be slapped with a fine of 100,000 won, while business owners violating the regulation by allowing customers to smoke within their premises will be fined up to 5 million won. 

For more details, please read the announcement of the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

19th Korea, China, Japan Kids Yacht Race Underway Next Week

BUSAN, South Korea -- The 19th Korea, China, Japan kids yacht race will kick off in Nakdonggan nearby Hwamyeong eco park marina on the 2nd of August. 

The 4-day run yachting race will have 70 participants from three different countries for the international optimist level U 16. 

The race is expected to be a fierce competition as well as a good chance to find potential future yachters. 

Source: Busan eFM News


Heat Wave Warning Issued for Busan

BUSAN, South Korea -- The first heat wave warning in Busan this year has been issued. The Busan weather agency issued the heat wave warning which went into effect at eleven a.m. today. 

The weather agency explained that as an air of high temperature and humidity caused by the high atmospheric pressure from the North Pacific entered Korea, the temperature has been rising with the strong sunlight during the afternoon. 

The weather agency said the heat will become mild on the twenty-eighth, when the seasonal rain will get strong again. 

The heat wave warning is issued with the expectation that the high temperature will be over thirty-three degrees for two consecutive days. 

Source: Busan eFM News

Entries Fom Around World Flood in for 2013 AD STARS

BUSAN, South Korea -- Entries from around world have flooded in for 2013 AD STARS, the Busan International Advertising Festival.  

The Busan International Advertising Festival organizing committee has announced that 12,079 entries from 59 countries have been submitted for this year's festival. The number of entries increased by 16 percent over last year. 

The festival had consecutive double-digit increases in its entries over the last four years, starting with 3,105 entries in 2008 (the first year of the festival), 3,258 entries in 2009 (up 4.9 percent), 5,437 entries in 2010 (up 66.9 percent), 7,130 entries in 2011 (up 31.1 percent), 10,431 entries in 2012 (up 46.3 percent) and 12,079 entries in 2013. 

Ship Passengers Going AWOL on the Rise

BUSAN, South Korea -- The cases of foreigners and crews who entered the country via cruise ship going AWOL are increasing. 

According to Busan Immigration Office, two Chinese tourists who entered Korea by Costa Victoria cruise ship on the fourth disappeared while shopping. 

On the fifteenth, two Nepalese crews, including a twenty-three-year-old identified by A of Superstar Gemini ship, which has been anchored at Busan international cruise ship terminal, went AWOL. 

The authorities analyzed that the cruise ship having the lowest price used the short distance route as the path of the illegal entry. 

Source: Busan eFM News

Busan’s Sky Roads Expand During Summer

BUSAN, South Korea -- The sky roads of Busan are ever expanding, with domestic and foreign airlines opening  new commercial  flights and charter flights from Gimhae International Airport to meet summer tourist demand.   

From July 12, Korean Air will offer a direct flight to Nanjing, China, departing Gimhae Airport at 10:50 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Return flights leave Nanjing at 12:55 p.m. and arrive at Gimhae at 3:55 p.m. The route uses the Boeing B737-800 with 138 seats and an audio/video system. Nanjing, located on the lower part of Yangtze River, is one of the four ancient cities of China and home to the tomb of Sun Yat-Sen and the Confucius Shrine. It is famous for its scenery and proximity to such tourist destinations as Huangshan, Suzhou and Shanghai. 

Bomb Threat Shuts Down Subway System

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan Dongrae Police caught a twenty-eight-year-old, Mr.Baek on charges of filing a false report to installing a bomb in Dongrae subway station and is investigating him. 

Mr. Beak called 112 at 8:42 p.m. yesterday and reported he placed a bomb in Dongrae subway station falsely. 

With this, the operation of no.1 and no.4 line of the subway has been stopped for forty-five minutes. The investigation of the police showed Mr. Baek suffers from schizophrenia. 

Source: Busan eFM News

Hit and Run Cases Drop, Arrest Rate Up in Busan

BUSAN, South Korea -- New research shows that the arrest rate of hit-and-run cases in Busan has risen to 97.4 percent. 

A spokesperson of the Busan police agency said the total number of hit-and-run cases in Busan in the first half of the year was 229 and 223 cases of these were solved. 

The number of hit-and-run cases has decreased by 26 percent compared to the same period last year. 

Despite the high arrest record, three people have died and 394 people have been injured by hit-and-runs in the first half of this year. 

All but three of the perpetrators of the hit-and-run cases which took place downtown were caught. However, three of the six cases which happened on the highway have not yet been solved. 

Source: Busan eFM News


Visiting the National Maritime Museum by Nurimaru Ship

BUSAN, South Korea -- Since June, it has become possible to visit the National Maritime Museum onboard the sailing ship Nurimaru (358 tons, 12 knots). Nurimaru is a non-permanent, inner-harbor passenger ship. 

There are a total of six routes including:

A Coastal Ferry Terminal ? National Maritime Museum 

B National Maritime Museum ? Coastal Ferry Terminal

C Coastal Ferry Terminal ? via Oryukdo Islands ? National Maritime Museum 

D National Maritime Museum ? via Oryukdo Islands ? Coastal Ferry Terminal 

E National Maritime Museum ? via Oryukdo Islands ? Yongho Terminal (Diamond Bridge)

Yongho Terminal (Diamond Bridge) ? via Oryukdo Islands ? National Maritime Museum  


CNNGo Features the City of Busan

BUSAN, South Korea -- For the next month the city of Busan is being featured on CNNGo, a monthly 30-minute show offering a unique take on global destinations, bringing views from local insiders on what gives various cities around the world their distinctive buzz.

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