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Zumba Fitness Party in Seomyeon

Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party! FEEL THE MUSIC, AND LET LOOSE!!!

Haps Weekend Picks March 1,2,3

BUSAN, South Korea -- March roars in like a lion this weekend with a full calendar of events, enough to get everyone excited about what the spring has in store for the city.

A couple huge concerts and parties are here to help end the last free weekend for most teachers as the school bells will start ringing on Monday. The Ska Wakers, Pinnacle the Hustler, and a 90's themed party are just a few of the fun things happening this weekend, as well as the beginning of the K League football season, some crucial basketball games and arts, more music and a huge yoga festival to round things up. 

You can check out the Haps Calendar for everything going on around the area. Enjoy!

Busan Citizens’ Astronomy Observatory Opens to the Public

BUSAN, South Korea -- Geumryeonsan Youth Center will open the Busan Citizens' Astronomy Observatory to the public to observe the stars every Saturday from February.   

The Busan Citizens' Astronomy Observatory at the Geumryeonsan Youth Center opens every Saturday from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. from February through December. 

It will run the following programs:
? Astronomy lecture

? Information session about constellations, which will be observed

? Observing the stars and plants through an astronomical telescope

? Screening video about space science 


Apply for English Language Teaching Volunteer for Underprivileged Children

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan Foundation for International Activities is running the English Language Teaching Volunteer Program to give underprivileged children the opportunity to better understand and experience English language. We are looking for foreigners who are willing to share their abilities in 2013! 

? Overview

- Content: Teaching English to the underprivileged children

- Class duration: 2 hours per class, one time per month, Saturday

- Class hours: Classes will take place between 10:00 am ~ 12:00 noon 

  ? Class schedule will be decided after discussion with the lecturers

- Class Program: English Recreation, How to write a letter and a diary, Learning English songs, English Presentation, English Story-telling

  ? The Program will be managed by ?FoReB? (Foreigners' volunteer group) 

Haps Weekend Picks February 22,23,24


BUSAN, South Korea -- The last full weekend of February is here and there are loads of outdoor things to spice up your weekend.

This weekend is highlighted by the MASSive Choir Festival which hits town, as well as the various festivities Sunday for the Jeongwol Fire Festivals that will take place on Sunday. Jazz legend Peter Beets also hits town, as well as some great DJs, sports and nightlife to keep you busy until the wee hours of the morning.

You can check out the Haps Calendar for everything going on around the area. Enjoy!

Busan, Tourism and Shopping Haven in 2013

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam announced the Visit Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam Year 2013 on February 1 at BEXCO.  The two cities and the province attract foreign visitors for tourism and shopping throughout the year 2013. 

Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam jointly provide various city policies for foreign tourists to have comfortable accommodations while pleasantly touring and shopping. 

The following are some of major event projects you can enjoy in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam in 2013. 

K-shuttle the foreigner-exclusive shuttle bus will regularly travel from Seoul to Busan starting from March. The K-shuttle tour courses vary via Gyeongju, Andong, Gangneung and other local cities along with Busan.    

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival Events Around the City

BUSAN, South Korea -- On the day of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month of the year, the Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival is held in order to pray for good health and good fortune in the coming year.

This year, the festival falls on Sunday, February 24, and a variety of events such as Daljip (Straw Heap) burning (the burning of large straw bonfires under the light of the moon), Jisin-balgi (stomping on the ground to comfort the god of the earth) and the performing of folk plays are being planned for a number of locations around Busan.

160 Port Calls by Cruise Ships Get Full Support

BUSAN, South Korea -- This year a total of 160 cruise ships will visit Busan. As the number of foreign tourists visiting Busan by cruise ship increases, Busan City has prepared to make immigration inspection easier and support interpretation for the tourists. 

This year, large international cruise ships (over 70,000 tons) will visit 41 times, middle-size ships (50,000 to 70,000 tons) 35 times and small ships (less than 45,000 tons) 20 times. Added to those totals are calls by extra-large cruise ships and Club Harmony, resulting in a total of 160 arrivals in Busan. The city is planning welcoming and farewell events and other offerings for passengers aboard these ships. For large ships and first-time ship arrivals, there will be special welcoming performances where passengers can enjoy Korean traditional cultural performances. Fireworks shows and fusion performances are being readied for tourists on honeymoon cruises.

Fares on Intercity Bus Routes to be Raised for First time in Nearly Three Years

 The cost for traveling on the intercity and express buses in Korea will go up next month for the first time in nearly three...

Foreigners Call Center to start new ‘Busan Information Service’

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan Global Center's Foreigners Call Center is now offering a new 'Busan Information Service' providing various information such as on disaster warnings, festival news, daily life, and so on, through SMS or email services, for foreigners living in Busan.

The service is being offered for free in 8 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Uzbek, and Russian.

Any foreigner living in Busan can apply for the service. You can get more details by calling 1577-7716 (Call Center)

Source: Busan City News


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