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Busan the Favorite for Baseball Hall of Fame

BUSAN, South Korea -- The project to build 'the Baseball Hall of Fame' to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the birth of Korean baseball and the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of Korean Pro baseball in Gijang-gun is being decided. 

An official of Gijang-gun said that it has the plan to sign a triangular memorandum of agreement with the Korea Baseball Organization and the city of Busan for building 'Korea baseball museum and hall of fame' at five p.m. today(29) in Busan city hall. 

With this, the place for the baseball hall of fame, after a fierce competition with Seoul and Incheon, was practically decided to be Gijang. 

Busan and Gijang-gun were selected as preferred bidders for the baseball hall of fame building project at the second board meeting of KBO in April. 

Source: Busan eFM News

Busan Grand Sale Gets Underway Sunday

BUSAN, South Korea -- '2013 Busan Grand Sale', the biggest shopping and tourism festival of Busan, will be held from the first of September to tenth of October for 40 days throughout Busan. 

During the grand sale festival, foreign and domestic tourists will use major hotels, duty-free shops, and restaurants in Busan at discounted price. 

The city of Busan and Busan tourism organization increased the scale of the festival to meet 'Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam Visit Year' this year. 

This year, three-thousand-eight-hundred businesses, which was a fifty-four percent increase compared to last year's two-thousand-four-hundred businesses, will participate in the festival. 

Particularly, not only foreign, but also domestic tourists can receive the same sale benefit during the festival. 

Source: Busan eFM News

Apply for Teaching World Language Classes Position

BUSAN, South Korea -- World language classes are on-going at Busan Global Center to provide an opportunity to know about world languages and various culture. Therefore, Busan Global Center is looking for foreign residents who can teach your native language and culture to the locals. We ask for your active participation and interest in this program. 

? Overview

 Â· Contents: Teach native languages and culture and provide cultural experience opportunities as a volunteer teacher.

* Level of class: Entry level of language(alphabet, pronunciation, basic words) and daily expressions etc.

 Â· Period: September 30(Mon) ~ December 14(Sat), 10 weeks

 Â· Frequency of class: Once a week for 10 times, 90mins/class

 Â· Location: Busan Global Center

 Â· Languages: any languages are welcomed (i.e. Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew and so on.)

Debate Over Ice Rink Continues

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan citizens' debate to build the Busan international ice rink was held in the main conference room of the Busan city council yesterday . 

In yesterday's debate hosted by Hyun young-hee, national assembly member Jeong Young-gak, the vice-president of Busan University of Foreign Studies, said there was only one public ice-rink to accommodate 200 people in Buk-gu, which was the lowest level in the country through the topic presentation. 

Mr. Jeong said this situation has caused a big setback in training professional players and the popularization of ice sports. The building of the international scale ice-rink is urgent he said.

Source: Busan eFM News

Local Waters Deemed Safe From Radioactivity

BUSAN, South Korea -- A recent survey shows that the seas around Korea are safe from radioactivity. 

An official of the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute said that the water contaminated by Japan's radioactivity was not brought into the seas around the country, as the survey conducted with Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety since 2011 indicates. 

This survey has been conducted to understand whether or not the Fukushima nuclear accident had a bad effect on the domestic fishing ground or marine creatures. 

Source: Busan eFM News


Parents of Chinese Students in Busan Invited for Medical Tourism

BUSAN, South Korea -- Busan-Gyeongnam Chinese Students Association jointly with MK Medical Co, Ltd,  a Korean medical tourism company, invited twenty parents of Chinese students to Busan August 8-11. The parents experienced professional medical tourism in Busan. 

They visited the universities their children attend and Busan's major attractions. They were impressed with our safe, clean city environments where their children study and reside. They also received health checkups.    

The Busan Foundation for International Activities and the Korea Tourism Organization hosted the welcome ceremony for the parents at Homers Hotel in Suyeong-gu on August 9th

Heat Wave Warning Cancelled After 17 Consecutive Days in Busan

BUSAN, South Korea -- The heat waves warning, which has been issued in Busan, was lifted after seventeen consecutive days. An official of the Busan weather agency said that the heat waves warning that had been issued in Busan was lifted at 3:30 a.m. today. The lifting of the heat waves warning is 17 days after issuing it on the fifth. 

Marine City Coastline to Turn into Film Experience Street

BUSAN, South Korea --The coastline road of Marine City of Haeundae-gu will be transformed into a film experience street. 

An official of Haeundae-gu said that the gu has a plan to make eight-hundred meters of the coastline road of Marine City from Hyundai IPark to Adeles a film experience street by June of next year by investing 1.2 billion won, coming from the government, city, and gu. 

For this project, Haeundae-gu chose a design plan that was submitted by a consortium of Enart Design and Wonil ENC, through a design competition. 

The film experience street will be created by using the bank and five-point-five-meter-wide sidewalk with three themes, including a symbolic space, an experiencing space, and a rest place. 

Source: Busan eFM News

AD STARS Gets Underway at BEXCO this Thursday

BUSAN, South Korea -- The 6th Busan International Advertising Festival, or AD Stars, will kick off in BEXCO on the 22nd and will last three days under this years slogan 'Share Creative Solutions, Change the World'. The festival covers commercial and public service advertisements, as well as special exhibitions. 

Now in its sixth year, AD Stars at BEXCO continues to grow as one of the biggest advertising festivals celebrating the online and offline world. This year, an incredible 12,079 submissions from 59 countries were received, and the 24-section competition is judged by nearly 160 top figures in the advertising industry, including Jacques Séguéla, the vice-president of Havas Group.

You can check out more of the conference at www.adstars.org

Bupyeong Market to Become Night Attraction

BUSAN, South Korea -- Bupyeong market of Busan Jung-gu, called 'Kkangtong market,' will become a night tour attraction, mixed with tour, food and shopping. 

A Busan official said that the city will start operating the first permanent night market from 6 pm to midnight every day, starting next month. 

Bupyeong market, a special market with a one-hundred-year-history that merchants established for themselves in 1910, is better known as 'Kkangtong market' 

Also, the city has the plan to promote the Bupyeong night market through the internet and SNS and to attract foreign tourists actively by liaising with travel agencies. 

Source: Busan eFM News


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