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New Comedy Show Starting to Turn Some Ears

BUSAN, South Korea -- First, Busan eFM (90.5FM) is Busan’s only all-English radio station. From what I can surmise from the few times I’ve listened to the station, is that the programs are intended for Korean people who want to learn English. Fair enough.

The hosts are cheerful if not a bit bland and the subject matter covered on the several shows that run throughout the week is quite similar – wacky things in the news, what’s going on in Korea (festivals, events, etc.) and music that breaks down to  about 70-30 Western pop to K pop. Generally, not something I would even listen to back home. 

As Competition Grows, More Teachers Turn to TESOL

BUSAN, South Korea - With the recent cuts of teachers by the Seoul Metropolitan Board of Education and in Gyeonggi-do, there will be a plethora of teachers looking for a job this spring, suddenly finding themselves without a place to teach.

With the recent, and future cutbacks which are planning to happen around the peninsula, the competition for jobs is going to be fierce. 

As prospects become more bleak, and being in a job market saturated with teachers, anything you can do to make yourself more attractive to employers is a plus. Gone are the days when just setting foot on the peninsula, degree in hand, could guarantee you employment.

Photo Essay: The Light of Busan

Health workers performing vibration therapy in Gwangan.

 A silent street in a small neighborhood in Jeopo-dong.

Photo Essay: Busan, Thru My Eyes

"Tongdosa Temple - "My favorite of all ...the atmosphere, the surroundings, so full of beauty and grace."

Jagalchi Market - "The largest fish market in Korea, so diverse and yet, so well orchestrated."

Busan e-FM Launches Smartphone Application

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - Busan e-FM, the city's first English radio broadcasting station, FM 90.5, launched smartphone applications for the Android and iPhone in September 2011.

The smartphone apps provide a variety of content including news, music, weather and entertainment. The app users can listen to live broadcasts, as well as previously aired programs.

To find the Busan e-FM application, search for “BEFM” in the Android Market or the App Store, and download and install the app. 

What are you going to do this Chuseok?

BUSAN, South Korea - Ahhh Chuseok. It’s that time of year when the weather begins to turn into what is arguably Korea’s best season. Gone are the rains, the mosquitoes and the massive crowds in Haeundae, while the heat turns bearable and nights become cool, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Graffiti in Busan: For the People

BUSAN, South Korea -- As a former resident artist at Agit Indie Space in Busan, I have been fortunate to meet some extremely talented graffiti ‘writers.’ This is the title by which they are known in Korea, where a subculture of dedicated writers has existed for over 20 years.

Bokcheon Museum

Bokcheon-dong Museum is a branch museum of Busan City built on the location of ancient tombs in Bokcheon-dong. The museum was created as a park with a historical concept and presentation based on the historical investigation of the local tombs. In addition to indoor exhibition rooms, is an outdoor dome exhibition room. The site of each tomb is indicated by a planting box tree, giving the visitor an idea of the overall historical layout of the area.

Korea – Haeundae Area Hotels

BUSAN, South Korea - Where to stay in Busan comes up from time to time on the forums, and I've answered a few emails about places to stay near Haeundae beach. For the benefit of other readers, and of Google, here are some options.

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