Busan Destinations: Crisscross the Island Cliffs of Oryukdo

For an unreal ocean view, consider the expansive Haeparang Trail -- a 770-kilometer-long trekking course along the eastern coastline of Korea.

National Assembly Passes Bill on Building New Gadeok Airport

The National Assembly has passed a bill on building a new airport on Gadeok Island last Friday marking a watershed moment for the Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam region.

Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal to be Reborn as a Cultural Space Complex

About 30 billion won will be invested to remodel the Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal into a base for marine tourism.

BTO Selects BN Group as New Busan Tower Operator, Likely to Re-open in June

The Busan Tourism Organization has selected local business BN Group as the new operator of Busan Tower.

Jinhae Undecided Whether to Run its Cherry Blossom Festival This Year

Changwon officials are still deciding whether to run the 58th annual Jinhae Geunhangjae Festival which is to be held in March and April in the areas of Jinhae-gu in Changwon City and Joongwon Rotary.

2021 Nationwide Cherry Blossom Forecast in South Korea

It’s just a few short weeks away before the country becomes awash in pink with the blooms of the ever-popular cherry blossoms.

Plans for Gadeok’s New Airport Picking Up Steam

The Chamber of Commerce of Busan, Ulsan, and Changwon cities have put out a joint statement welcoming the resolution of the 'Gadeok Island New Airport Construction Special Act' that was passed by the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee.

International Destnations: Making Ordering Easy With Singapore’s First Dedicated Digital Platform for Hawker Centres

The platform aims to provide locals and tourists with a comprehensive guide to Singapore's hawker culture and information at their fingertips.

Korea Destinations – Gangwondo’s Hwaamdonggul Cave

Located in Gangwon province, Hwaamdonggul Cave takes you back to the 1920's for a look at a functioning goldmine in Korea.

Korea Destinations: Finding Serenity in Seonyu-do

Seonyu-do is one of Korea's hidden treasures for those looking for a brief respite from city life.

Busan City is Reborn as a Hub City for Marine Leisure Tourism in Northeast Asia

The city of Busan City announced the 2021 Busan Marine Leisure Tourism Promotion Implementation Plan to market Busan as a central city for marine leisure tourism in Northeast Asia.

Busan Destinations: U.N. Memorial Cemetery in Korea, Daeyeon Arboretum

Not far from either the Busan Museum or Busan Cultural Center is the expansive United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea and lush Daeyeon Arboretum.