Domestic Destinations

2021 Nationwide Cherry Blossom Forecast in South Korea

It’s just a few short weeks away before the country becomes awash in pink with the blooms of the ever-popular cherry blossoms.

Korea Destinations – Gangwondo’s Hwaamdonggul Cave

Located in Gangwon province, Hwaamdonggul Cave takes you back to the 1920's for a look at a functioning goldmine in Korea.

Korea Destinations: Finding Serenity in Seonyu-do

Seonyu-do is one of Korea's hidden treasures for those looking for a brief respite from city life.

Korea Destinations: N Seoul Tower

One of Seoul's most iconic landmarks, N Seoul Tower is located on Namsan Mountain and provides stunning views of the capital.

Korea Destinations: Family Outings Await at Geoje Forest Sound Park

A great place for a family outing for young kids, Geoje Forest Sound Park in Gyeongnam province is a relatively new attraction that caters to nature lovers.

Korea Destinations: Top Attractions for Tourists in Gangwon-do

There is plenty to see and do in the mountainous province, so here are a few favorites to get you started.

Korea Destinations: Haman-gun, Korea’s Popular New Healing Destination

Haman-gun in Gyeongsangnam-do has become one of the top domestic destinations for healing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Around Korea: Five Reasons to Visit Jeju Island

Jeju Island is one of South Korea's most visited tourist locations and combines beautiful nature with sandy beaches.

Korea Destinations: Geochang Changpowon Gardens

Geochang Changpowon Gardens in Gyeongsangnam-do has been registered as the first local garden in the province.

Korea Destinations: Enjoy Magical Sunsets at Silan Coastal Road

Silan Coast Road in Sacheon City in Gyeongsangnam-do has long been considered one of the best places to watch the sunset in South Korea.

10 Islands to Visit in Korea During the Winter

Winter may not seem the best time to visit islands in Korea, but if you're not able to escape to a warmer climate this season, there are plenty of options around the country for a weekend getaway.

Korea Destinations: 5 Reasons to Visit Danyang

Great for a weekend outing, there are plenty of things to see and do in the mountainous region rich in nature and history.