Shigeto First Korean Tour

11.7 Busan @ South Town Advance 15,000W /20,000W Door
11.8 Seoul @ Platoon Kunsthalle Advance 28,000W /34,000W Door Door
11.9 Cheonan @ Dolce Advance 15,000W /20,000W Door
11.10 Daegu @ Horus Advance 15,000W /20,000W

Alexandra Don Photo Exhibition @ Cafe Salve

The Alexandra Don photo exhibition runs October 1st through October 31st,  at Cafe Salve, in the Kyungsung area of Busan.


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Free screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

There will be a free screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls at Minerva Hall on the campus of Busan University of Foregn Studies (BUFS) this Saturday 10/5 (SAT) at 7pm.


This is an award-winning documentary on modern slavery, namely sex trafficking. There are currently at least 27 million people enslaved worldwide that's more than double that of the mid-Atlantic slave trade at its peak in the 1800s. This film travels across the globe to expose particularly frightening trends in modern slavery. More importantly, there is hope in fighting this injustice and restoring the lives of its victims. The film is primarily in English but will be shown with Korean subtitles.



TBR/Tap and Tapas -- Busan's hippest bar and restaurant-- will celebrate our first anniversary this Saturday.

Come out and celebrate with us!

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Lecture by Artist Liat Livni

September 7th, 2013; Famous Israeli Artist, Liat Livni, will give a lecture on her Art and the Art of Israel from 3-5pm at the Israel House in Haeundae Centum City
Contact  : 010-2434-1946

How would you rate your experience on Korean-based airlines

* Mostly good, no complaints * About the same as other country's airlines * Below average * Lousy


It's been narrowed down to the final SEVEN and each get SEVEN minutes to strut their sound on the sands of Gwangan-li Beach.


Haps Picks: As Korea Seeks to Reign in Coffee Shop Chains Indie Cafes Flourish

BUSAN, South Korea -- South Korea's cities are overrun with cafés. According to the Samsung Economic Research Institute, the number of coffee shops here jumped from about 6,000 in 2008 to 9,400 in 2011. Other studies put the number as high as 17,000 in Seoul alone. There are so many coffee shops in the South Korean capital that the Fair Trade Commission set a limit on the distance between new coffeehouse chains to at least 500 meters.

In addition to Starbucks, which is run by Shinsegae, 40 percent of the nation's cafés are run by the top five Korean brands—Caffe Bene, Hollys Coffee, Ediya Coffee, Angel-in-us and Tom n' Toms.


This Friday the 12th will be Klickitat's final show. Unless it's not the final show. But it probably is. We are playing at Club Realize, and we wanna record it, so it would be great to have you all come out for a big sloppy goodbye lovefest. We're going to dig deep into the 6 or so years of our set list, plus throw in a few new original tunes.

Klickitat is...
Gino Brann: guitar and vocals
Kurt Gough: bass
Jim Batcho: drums
Jordan Lewis: keys
Gordon Bazsali Jr: trumpet
Jessie James Halpern: saxamaphone

Special guest vocals by RayRay, Violet Lea, and Mike Edmunds.

The wonderful Violet Lea will open the show at 10:30, and Klickitat will go on around 11:15. Hope to see you there!

Park Sung Hun Tatoo Photography Exhibition


Tattooing is still illegal in Korea, yet more Koreans are changing their mind and getting inked each day. One local photographer is showcasing the art of tattoo in hopes more people will change their opinion on the once taboo practice. 

Delicious Vibes 7 @ Almost Famous (Kyungsung Univ. Area)

It's time again for another edition to the Delicious Vibes session, featuring the best in Underground House music that will make you groove.

EFM EXPAT DJ CONTEST Online Preliminary Round

UPDATE: The contest has been modified to allow ANY form of music as long as it contains one K-Pop song.