Eu Dae Di

BBQ pork. Across from Thursday Party. Both here and Bae Dae Po have signs written in Korean, but ordering is pretty straight forward. Well worth a visit for some good food with friends or enemies if you so choose.

Bae Dae Po

Korean BBQ seafood and meat. About 75 meters from the Buy the Way convenience store, towards the Mega-Mart. Try the jogaegooey, or barbecued clams as they are called in English parlay. Great with melted butter or cheese.

Golm OK

Two blocks more down the same street as Buffalo, on the corner. Great BBQ and excellent side dishes.

Buffalo Chicken

Has a strange logo with a Buffalo strangling a chicken. No Buffalo on the menu, just great chicken. If you are facing Lotte Dept. Store, take the street on the left side. It is down the block on the left as you reach the back edge of Lotte. 051-805-3512

It is part of a franchise with locations all over town.

Judie Nine Brau

A brewery with good bar food. Seomyeon station, Exit 2, walk three blocks, make a left, across from the Taehwa pharmacy. 051-667-7979

Busan High Five Awesome Review

Cass and Hite suck. I know what you’re thinking… “What about Max and OB Blue?” Well, I hate to break it to you, but those suck too (rhyme!). Fear not; there are (at least)2 places in Seomyeon where you can go for some Dunkel and Hefeweizen.

Loving Hut

Hardcore Noble Vegan food. As their homepage says: "Loving Hut was created with a vision that all beings could live in peace, love and harmony with each other and the planet." Take the harmony subway line 1 to Seomyeon, then the eutopian Exit 2, left. It's across from Outback. Try the “Noble Spaghetti” or Spicy noodles.


Dig in on some spit-fired chicken. The rice-stuffed chicken is popular. If you can stuff the chicken into the rice, you get free meals for life.


Korean Natural Food

A good place for vegetarian food.  Good dishes at reasonable prices. 051-751-5534

Four Season Raw Fish

Be prepared to drop some decent coin, but the food is great and very Korean-style. Set meals run from 30-50,000 won. Don’t be a wimp and try the live octopus. At the Millak Raw Fish Center, second floor.

House on a Hill

Looks like a Swiss chalet with the high ceilings. Very laid back, serves a variety of food: pizza, pasta to lobster. On Dalmaji Hill. 051-743-2212

Pub OZ

In Sajik Dong. Great place to hit after a game. Excellent quessadillas. 051-503-0802

Red Bottle

The Red Bottle bar in PNU, just across from the Crossroads. Friendly, English speaking bar staff. Open every evening at 6 until whenever. Guiness, Miller & Max on tap

Very loungy-feel, on the second floor overlooking the weekend crowd flowing into PNU's great little bar area.