Chungryeolsa Celebrates the 428th Anniversary of the Outbreak of Imjin War

Chungryeolsa Management Office celebrated the 428th anniversary of the outbreak of Imjin War in 1592 yesterday at the main hall of Chungryeolsa Temple.

The festivities were held simultaneously at the main hall of Chungryeolsa Temple and Uiyeolgak.

At 10 o’clock, the opening of the festival at Chungryeolsa Square was held, though this year, the ritual blessing ceremony at which the participants end the rite and the participants eat or drink was omitted.

Chungryulsa is a memorial facility designated as a tangible cultural property No. 7 designated by Busan Metropolitan City, and 93 guards are enshrined, including Songraehyeongong, Songraehyeongong of Dongnae Bussa, General Jeongbalgong of Chungjanggong, Busan Jincheongsa, and General Heungsin Yoon of Dadaejinsa. 

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