City of Busan Eases Restrictions On Six High Risk Facilities

The city of Busan announced that restrictions on six of the 12 deemed high-risk facilities have been eased as of 3 p.m. yesterday.

Though cases of group infection of coronavirus are continuing, it was determined that it was safe to reopen some of the affected business.

Those allowed to reopen were entertainment pubs, karaoke rooms, singing rooms, buffets, PC cafes, and indoor gyms for intense group exercise (GX).

The other six — night clubs and room salons, colatech (Korean-style cabaret), hunting pocha, indoor standing performance halls, direct sales (e.g., door-to-door sales) promotion centers, and large-scale (300 or more people) hagwons — will remain under the current conditions until September 20th.

While operations are allowed, such facilities will be under a one-strike out system that immediately bans gatherings when violations to quarantine regulations are found. Also if a visitor is found to have been infected, gatherings at all facilities in the same category will be banned.

Public baths, which have not had new cases for 14 days, have also been lifted from the administrative order banning gatherings at noon yesterday.

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