City of Busan to Expand the 2021 Digital Sex Crime Response Cyber ​​Monitoring Team

The city of Busan announced that it will expand the 2021 Digital Sex Crime Response Cyber ​​Monitoring Team to strengthen digital sex crime prevention and response by monitoring illegal and harmful sites.

This project focuses on strengthening the ability to respond to digital sex crimes in the local community in line with the digital sex crime response plan announced earlier this year by organizing and promoting cyber surveillance activities that have been promoted for three years as a support project for the Busan Gender Equality Fund. 

In accordance with the expansion of the business, they plan to double the number of cyber watchdog activities to strengthen monitoring and reporting activities to prevent the distribution of pornography and organize and operate an exhaustion prevention program that regularly monitors pornographic information. 

The Busan Women’s Support Center ‘Kumari’ was also designated and notified by the Korea Communications Commission on May 1st as an organization for reporting and deletion requests for illegal filmings and are now able to request video deletion directly from the Internet service provider.

As a result, the request for deletion of illegally filmed content that had been earlier been made through a central agency will now be directly executed thereby reducing the deletion procedure and time and enabling the victims of digital sex crimes to be supported more quickly.

Busan Mayor Park Hyung-jun said, “Digital sexual crimes are occurring in a more complex way, crossing online and offline, directly threatening youth and leading to prostitution. As long as the interest of all citizens can accelerate the eradication of digital sex crimes, we ask for the participation and interest of meaningful citizens in this project.”

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