City of Busan to Stop Production of 100-Liter Garbage Bags

The city of Busan has decided to create a safer working environment for sanitation workers in Busan by completely stopping the production of large-capacity garbage bags (100ℓ) to reduce the risk of safety accidents when handling waste bags that weigh too much.

As of 2018, the city said 254,000 of the 100-liter capacity large white regular garbage bags and green business-use garbage bags were sold.

100-liter large-sized garbage bags when compressed can weigh more than 40kg in mass, which is much heavier than the 25 kg weight limit written in the guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment, raising the risk of injuries to those handling wastes.

As such, local governments nationwide have been stopping the production of the 100 liter large-capacity garbage bags.

To prevent and reduce risks of injuries from handling heavy waste bags, Busan city plans on requesting local ward offices to stop producing the regular white color 100L bags, green color business-use garbage bags, and industrial use orange color garbage bags.

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