City Releases its Newest “35 Romantic Cafes” Guidebook

The city of Busan recently produced and distributed its newest “35 Romantic Cafes” guidebook, containing Busan’s unique cafes around town.

The Romantic Café 35 Guide consists of three chapters:

Chapter 1 provides basic information on cafe guides such as an address, operating hours, and SNS for each of the 35 cafes introduced in the book.

Chapter 2 shows popular spots hidden near the romantic cafes by city and county and introduces local sightseeing spots.

Chapter 3 consists of themed tours to enjoy near the romantic cafes.

The city’s selection of ’35 Romantic Cafes’ include:

Gijang-gun —  Wave-on Coffee, Beach, AdeCoy, Hayden

Haeundae-gu — Port 1902, Edge 993

Suyeong-gu — Afternoon Black Tea Lounge, The Box

Nam-gu —  Delight Six, Cafe Lee Garden

Dong-gu — Culture Sympathy Modification, Café Choryang 1941

Jung-gu — Natis, Baunova Baeksan Branch, Regular House

Yeongdo-gu — Karin Yeongdo Place, Shingi Industry, Gemstone

Saha-gu — Soul Letter Coffee Company

Sasang-gu — Vsant

Gangseo-gu — Forest 3002, Mondor Cafe

Seo-gu — Binstock

Busan Jin-gu — Vintage 38, Bipo Sunset, Mayo, Yuwol Coffee

Yeonje-gu — Whale Coffee

Dongnae-gu — Art-K Gallery Cafe, the CAFE Greennae, Urban Flow

Buk-gu — Luwak

Geumjeong-gu — Momos Coffee, T-One

In addition, Busan City plans to produce the guidebook in multiple languages ​​(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) for public relations marketing, and distribute it to tourist information centers.

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