City to Busan to Designate 47 Restaurants as Non-Smoking Zones to Prevent Damages from Secondhand Smoking

The city of Busan will designate a voluntary non-smoking zone to prevent the damage of secondhand smoke to citizens caused by smoking near the entrance to restaurants.

It will select 47 restaurants this year, following 19 last year, and designate and operate a non-smoking area within 5 meters in front of the restaurant entrance.

The 47 restaurants were selected based on recommendations from the Busan Food Service Branch.

According to the National Health Promotion Act, business areas of food and beverage establishments are non-smoking areas.

As many people smoke in front of the restaurant doors, customers are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke when visiting restaurants, and cigarette smoke would also blow into restaurants whenever the door was opened and closed.

The city plans to designate a non-smoking area within 5 meters in front of the entrance of a restaurant to reduce the damage from secondhand smoke to non-smokers and to spread a smoke-free atmosphere in the community.

In establishments designated as autonomous non-smoking areas, notice signs are attached and guide signs are also installed on the floor in front of the entrance.

In addition, a promotional cutlery holder paper indicating that the establishment is a designated non-smoking area is placed on the table to inform smokers that the area around the entrance of the establishment is a non-smoking area.

Unlike non-smoking areas designated by laws and regulations or ordinances, fines cannot be imposed even for smoking in voluntary non-smoking areas.

“Last year, we designated and operated voluntary non-smoking zones for restaurants in Dongnae-gu and Geumjeong-gu,” said Cho Bong-soo, director of Busan City’s Citizens’ Health Bureau. We will reduce the damage from secondhand smoke by expanding it and spread a smoke-free atmosphere in the community.”

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