Colors of Asia, Revisited – The Case of ASEAN and Korea Exhibition Begins

The ASEAN Culture House in Haeundae is celebrating their first anniversary with a special exhibition showcasing the unique cultures of Southeast Asia.

The “Colors of Asia, Revisited – The Case of ASEAN and Korea ” exhibition highlights costumes of the ASEAN region and Korea will be displayed as “poems” composed of “lights and colors,” inspiring multilayered interpretations and sentiments related to the history of costumes and textiles. By doing so, the exhibition aims to broaden cultural horizons beyond costumes.

The exhibition displays the traditional and contemporary clothes and marriage customs from the ASEAN regions which was showcased in the “Colors of Asia-Pacific” by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Philippines (DFA) in 2007.

Haute couture costumes abroad for the first time

“Colors of Asia, Revisited” presents haute couture costumes created by prestigious designer Renee Salud and made of fabrics donated by ASEAN countries and the ROK. They were previously presented at the year-end fashion show “Colors of Asia-Pacific,” organized by the Philippine DFA last December.

Encounter of the Philippines’ fashion ambassador and the backbone of the Korean fashion industry

Visitors will be able to enjoy revisited contemporary aesthetics of fashion, created with traditional elements by the two designers whose fashion worlds merge in this exhibition.

Renee Salud: Philippine fashion ambassador and trailblazer

Renee Salud is both a fashion designer and cultural producer who is considered an icon of the Philippine fashion industry. Throughout his life, he has contributed to the development and promotion of the Philippine fashion industry. A trailblazer for Philippine fashion, he actively uses indigenous materials in his shows to increase the presence of uniquely Philippine fashion on the global stage. With his collection created for the “Colors of Asia-Pacific” fashion show, Salud aims to broaden his fashion world beyond the Philippines to include fabrics and idea from all over the Asia Pacific region.

Lee Jean Youn: Once a rising star, now the backbone of the Korean fashion industry

Lee Jean Youn is well-known for his reinterpretation of the beauty and sentiments of Korean traditions with a contemporary touch. His shows were displayed all over the world, including in Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Madrid and Qingdao. Lee transforms the aesthetics of Korean traditions into contemporary art works, and his creativity has caught the attention of the global fashion world.

Popular medium of fashion attracts people to the ACH and raises their understanding of the ASEAN region and its culture

As one of the staff members of the ACH put it, “This exhibition will not only greatly enhance the Korean public’s understanding of Renee Salud’s beautiful art and philosophy but also strengthen the friendship between Korea and the Philippines, as well as ASEAN as a whole, through the popular medium of fashion.

Event Information

Where: ASEAN Culture House

When: July 11 – September 2 – Closed on Monday

Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get there: Jangsan Station (Metro line 2), exit 2. Walk straight until the intersection. Turn left and walk one more block, then turn right at the intersection. Walk straight. Or, Haeundae Station (Metro line 2), exit 7. Take buses 100, 100-1, 141 or 181 and get off at New Town Market station (신도시시장) or ASEAN Cultural Center station.