Concern Over Taking Taxis Rises After Three Drivers Test Positive For Coronavirus in Busan

Concern among citizens is rising after three local taxi drivers tested positive for coronavirus last week.

Busan City health authorities examined the card payment histories of the three taxis operated by the patients confirmed yesterday and today.

However, authorities could not trace all the passengers of two of the taxis as one was flooded during the typhoon and the dashcam records on another were automatically deleted.

Case 339 is also in critical condition and cannot be interviewed.

It’s been difficult to trace passengers who paid by cash and there is also concern of the virus spreading through colleague drivers and their family members, among others.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

The city’s head of the Citizen Quarantine Promotion Team, Ahn Byeong-seon, said it is was a very unusual case as the contact time was short and all parties were wearing masks.

Taxi driver 320 had 10 passengers and taxi driver 336 had 30, with 24 of the total passengers since have tested negative and 16 are still trying to be contacted.

The city of Busan recommends that passengers avoid conversations, wear masks, and open the window. They also suggest to pay by credit card and not use cash.

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