Convenience Stores Target Solo Diners with Special Lunar New Year Lunch Boxes

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, the convenience store industry is catering to the needs of solo diners by releasing a series of holiday-themed lunch boxes.

Recognizing the surge in demand from single-person households during the festive season, convenience stores plan to consistently introduce diverse and nutritious lunch boxes for those who may be alone these holidays.

CU has unveiled the ‘Lunar New Year’s Royal Style Beef Bulgogi Lunch Box for 7,200 won,  which includes bulgogi, three-colored vegetables, five types of pancakes, and assorted fried foods.

7-Eleven has introduced the ‘Joo Hyun-young Holiday Lunch Box,’ targeting the MZ generation spending the Lunar New Year alone with two lunch box options.

The ‘Cheongryonghae Dinner Lunchbox’ for 6,900 won features home-cooked beef bulgogi and neobiani as the main menu, accompanied by a variety of side dishes.

The ‘Cheongryong Sea Assorted Pancake & Kimchi Jeyuk for 6,500 Won’ is designed for those who want a snack during the holidays, comprising of tofu pancake, kimchi stew, seafood chive pancake, and more.

GS25 also released the ‘Happy New Year Lunch Box’ for 7,400 won offering a holiday feast with nine dishes, including beef bulgogi, japchae, assorted pancakes, vegetables, and pollack.

Convenience stores have embraced this trend of launching holiday lunch boxes catering to solo diners due to substantial sales growth during past holidays.

These lunch boxes prove particularly popular in areas densely populated with single-person households, including officetels and university districts.

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