COVID-19 Latest: 51 Now Infected in Busan

Here are the latest updates from BeFM News and local news sites on the COVID-19 situation in Busan and the local area.

Busan COVID-19 Cases Jumps 13 Yesterday to 51 Infected

977 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the nation with 10 deaths as of yesterday afternoon.

In Busan, 13 more cases have been confirmed, raising the total here to 51.

Of the 7 new cases, Dongnae-gu had the most at 4, while Geumjeong-gu, Yeonje0gu and Buk-gu each reporting 1.

According to Busan city’s main expected routes of infection, the highest number of cases were related to Oncheon church and Shincheonji group.

Hundreds of suspected patients are being tested, raising concerns that the numbers will likely rise.

Meanwhile, test results on 302 patients and nursing staff at Busan Asiad Hospital are expected to come out late last night at the earliest.

There are now 51 confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in Busan.  Please refer to the below information. (last updated at 5 pm on 02/25/20)

Busan 1 – (19, M,Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 2 – (57, F, Haeundae-gu)
Busan 3 – (19,F, Haeundae-gu) / Visited Daegu
Busan 4 – (22,F, Haeundae-gu) /  Shincheonji follower
Busan 5 – (24,F, Haeundae-gu) / daughter of Busan 2

Additional confirmed patients

Busan 6 – (82,F, Yeonje-gu) /  mother of Busan 2
Busan 7 – (29,M, Suyeong-gu) /  Shincheonji Church in Daegu
Busan 8 – (21,M, Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 9 – (21, M, Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 10 – (46, M Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 11 – (26, F, Buk-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 12 – (56, F, Nam-gu) / Shincheonji Church in Daegu
Busan 13 – (25,M, Seo-gu) / Visited Daegu
Busan 14 – (32,M, Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 15 – (19, M, Dongnae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 16 – (33, M, Geumjeong-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 17 – (42, M, Nam-gu) / Cheongdo  Daenam Hospital (attended on a confirmed patient, father)
Busan 18 – (25, M, Saha-gu) / Visited Daegu city, a friend of confirmed patient-13 Busan)
Busan 19 – (29, F, Seo-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 20 – (55, F, Seo-gu) / a mother of confirmed patiend-13 Busan
Busan 21 – (18, F, Gangseo-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 22 – (18, M, Saha-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 23 – (22, M, Saha-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 24 – (26, F, Saha-gu) / Daegu Shincheonj
Busan 25 – (44, F, Haeundae-gu) / contact with patient-2 Busan
Busan 26 – (26, M, Haeundae-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 27 – (27, F, Suyeong-gu)
Busan 28 – (64, F, Suyeong-gu)
Busan 29 – (21, F, Yeongje-gu)
Busan 30 – (27, M, Geumjeong-gu) / Oncheon Church
Busan 31 – (23, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 32 – (30, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 33 – (20, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 34 – (25, M, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 35 – (20, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 36 – (28, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 37 – (28, M, Geumjeong-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 38 – (58, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon ChurchNewest Infected CasesBusan 39 – (’91, M, Haeundae-gu) / visited #Busan patient-11’s confirmed route, Seomyeon Shaoshian Chinese restaurant)
Busan 40 – (’44, M, Saha-gu) / his wife(quarantined in Seoul) had a meal with a confirmed patient
Busan 41 – (’93, M, Dongnae-gu ) / Oncheon Church
Busan 42 – (’01, F, Dongnae-gu ) /  Sibling of #Busan patient-29
Busan 43 – (’69, F, Dongnae-gu ) / Mother of #Busan patient-29
Busan 44 – (’72, F, unidentified)  * in process
Busan 45 – (’54, F, Dongnae-gu)
Busan 46 – (’47, M, Dongnae-gu)
Busan 47 – (’72, M, Dongnae-gu)
Busan 48 – (’41, M, Dongnae-gu)
Busan 49 – (’82, F, Geumjeong-gu)
Busan 50 – (’84, F, Buk-gu)
Busan 51 – (’56, F,  Yeonje-gu)

Busan City Holds Emergency Meeting

Busan City held an emergency meeting with the heads of major medical institutions to discuss how to establish a public-private cooperation system for the early end of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The meeting was attended by Park In-young, chairperson of the Busan City Council, the heads of four university hospitals including Busan University Hospital, the Haeundae Paik Hospital, and the Busan Medical Center, among others.

At the meeting, Mayor Oh Keo-don called on the private medical institutions for cooperation in efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

They also discussed the designation of a national reassurance medical institute for COVID-19 and measures to prevent medical staff infection at medical institutions.

In particular, in order to operate Busan Medical Center as the official infectious disease screening and quarantine venue, the medical institutions were requested to secure hospital beds and assist emergency vehicles as much as possible to move inpatients to other medical institutions in the city.

About 15,500 Shincheonji Members Believed to Live in Busan

The Shincheon District has estimated that there are more than 15,500 Shincheon members in Busan, but city officials have not yet secured a list of all those belonging to the church according to local reports.

The controversial church’s reach in Busan is still not exactly known.

The Shincheonji leadership also submitted that there are 38 Shincheonji-related facilities in Busan, but it was found that there were about 70 sites during a cross-check.

Local media has also reported that it is still not exactly clear what the relationship between the Shincheonji and Oncheon Church is yet.

Ulsan Cases Double to Four

Two more cases in Ulsan were discovered, doubling its total to four patients.

The third confirmed was reported to be a 27-year-old woman living in Daegu who worshiped at Shincheonji Church in Mugeo-dong, Nam-gu on the 16th. She had also visited Changwon on the 22nd and 23rd of this month.

The fourth confirmed patient attended the same church a year and a half ago, but it is reported that he is not a member.

However, he was suspected to become infected when he went to his daughter’s house in Gyeongsan and came into contact with a sick patient.

His daughter has also been confirmed infected yesterday.

Stores Being Shut Down for Disenfecting

Costco, Lotte Department Store, and Lotte Mart at Dongnae Branch closed its doors yesterday following a visit by a recently confirmed COVID-19 patient.

The two places in Dongnae have been visited by Busan patient #31 at 5 pm on the 21st until 6:30 pm.

An official from the Lotte Department Store said the stores have been closed as a preemptive measure for the safety of customers and employees, and the stores will open back up from today after consultation with the health authorities.

Patient #19 was said to have visited Costco in Mangmi-dong on the 21st from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Costco closed around noon yesterday and information was not available when it will re-open.

A Twosome Place at Gwangan Station was also closed down on the 24th.

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COVID-19 Latest: 38 Now Infected in Busan

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