COVID-19 Latest: Busan’s Coronavirus Victims Up to 57, Gyeongnam Cases Up to 38

Here are the latest updates from BeFM News and local news sites on the COVID-19 situation in Busan and the local area including Ulsan and the Gyeongam area.

Six More Cases Found in Busan

Busan city confirmed six more people with the epidemic COVID-19 virus in the port city yesterday.

As of 5 p.m. Busan city said confirmed patients for COVID-19 came to 57.

Two of the four confirmed patients in the morning have come from Oncheon Church, raising the total from the church to 26.

In the evening, Patient 56 (52 years old, Busanjin-gu) was still undetermined and Patient 57 (a 25-year-old male, Haeundae-gu) attended the Onsen Church retreat on the 16th.

Those who came back to Busan from Daegu and started showing symptoms of the virus came to six, and from the Shincheonji cult sect at four.

As of 5 p.m, 24 confirmed patients are being treated at Busan Medical Center, 22 at PNU Hospital, 13 at Busan Medical Center, four at Busan Paik Hospital, two at the Kosin University Gospel Hospital and one at Haeundae Paik Hospital.

BMCOE Quarantines 68 People

The Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education announced that it has put 68 people under self-quarantine after they partook in a workshop attended by a confirmed patient with the COVID-19 virus.

According to health authorities, the confirmed patient at the workshop, a female teacher, had contact with South Gyeongsang province confirmed patient number 15 on the 16th.

Two days later on the 18th, the female teacher attended the staff workshop held at the school auditorium from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

A lunch buffet was also held at the workshop.

On the 19th, the confirmed patient had a meeting at the department office, and on the 21st, a teacher’s meeting for second grade teachers.

On the 23rd, the teacher was notified by health authorities to be a potential carrier of the virus and was tested positive for COVID-19.

Asiad Hospital Releases Test Results on Patients and Staff

Busan city said of the 304 patients and staff at Asiad Hospital, the results on 297 people show that apart from a social worker and a care worker, the remaining 295 tested negative for COVID-19.

Although patients have yet to test positive for the virus, a good response system is necessary since many of the patients are old and suffering from severe illnesses.

Busan City is working to identify where the confirmed staff has been at the hospital.

The care worker has been transferred to Busan Medical Center.

Third Case Found in Gimhae

A 65-year-old man from Janggyu New City was found to be positive for the virus.

He is believed to have been infected by attending an elementary school meeting in Gyeongju from the 15th to 17th.

He was transferred to Masan Medical Center Negative Pressure Ward, which is a nationally designated isolation hospital.

Gyeongnam Cases Jumps to 38

12 people were confirmed affected in the Gyeongnam region yesterday.

Gyeongnam Province said that as of 5:00 pm, there were 12 additional confirmed patients including seven in Changwon, one in Geoje, three in Geochang, and one in Changnyeong.

The confirmed were most concentrated in Seongsan-gu, one of five districts in Changwon City.

Sangnam-dong, the largest downtown area in Changwon City, became mostly empty by afternoon and there is fear that many of the area’s stores might close down.

Namhae Under Alert After First Victim 

Namhae County, which had its first confirmed case on the 25th, has 68 people being tested.

26 people were put into self-isolation and 42 were being tested.

Of the 26 self-containers, 18 employees are from the KEPCO Namhae branch and a restaurant owner who had contact with the first victim.

The first patient is reportedly a 30-year-old worker for KEPCO.

He visited Cho Eun Pharmacy in Namhae around 10:44 am on the 24th and was transferred to Yangsan Pusan ​​National University Hospital at 1:40 pm on the 25th after being notified by the authorities.

Namhae-gun said it was tracking visitors and contacts who stayed at the same time centering around Jeonju Kongnaru restaurant, Fields Coffee, Evergreen, and Cho Eun Pharmacy.

Ulsan Adds One More Case, Now at Five

A fifth confirmed patient was announced by the city, a 21-year-old man from Nam-gu.

He was reportedly in contact with a patient from Daegu, though it has not been established if he is a member of the Shincheonji Church.

He is staying at Ulsan University Hospital.

First USFK Member in Daegu Becomes Infected With Virus

According to US Forces Korea, an American soldier stationed in the town of Chilgok tested positive for the new coronavirus, marking the first case among USFK service personnel.

The 23-year-old soldier at Camp Carroll was transferred from his off-base residence to a hospital at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, after being confirmed to have the infection.

Chilgok is near the city of Daegu, where a coronavirus outbreak has spread rapidly in recent days.

It is the first time that a USFK service member has been infected with the virus, though a 61-year-old “widowed USFK dependent” residing in Daegu tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

It was not immediately clear how he contracted the virus.

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