Discover the Beauty of Autumn at the 17th Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Flower Festival

Set against a vast backdrop spanning 200,000 square meters, the 17th Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Flower Festival kicked off on the 27th of September.

This event promises to adorn the landscape with a rich tapestry of fall blooms and will run for 13 days, culminating on October 9th.

Under the theme “Follow the flower road, follow the scent, to Bukcheon, a flower paradise,” this festival will take place in the picturesque fields of Jeonjeon Village, Bukcheon-myeon, offering a mesmerizing spectacle of natural beauty.

Jeonjeon Village and Imyeong Village, both encompassing 200,000 square meters of flower complexes, will be adorned with captivating cosmos and buckwheat flowers. Additionally, visitors can marvel at exotic flower varieties, including yellow cosmos, bay myrtle, zinnia, and even stroll through a charming gourd tunnel.

For access to the section managed by the Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos Buckwheat Flower Farming Association Corporation, which hosts and supervises the festival, a nominal admission fee of 1,000 won per person (elementary school students and younger enjoy free entry) is required at the flower garden entrance. Other sections of the festival can be explored without any charges.

Throughout the festival area, a delightful array of flowers, such as cosmos, marigolds, sunflowers, salvia, and rosemary, line the rail bike course from Old Bukcheon Station to Yangbo Station and along the railway tracks.

Image: Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Festival website

For the 6-day Chuseok holiday, an array of stage performances will be staged to provide unforgettable moments and entertainment for families, couples, and friends exploring the festival grounds. The main stage will host diverse performances, including a soulful saxophone performance at Hometown Station, folk music renditions, and guest appearances by accomplished singers.

Moreover, an exciting lineup of participation programs awaits tourists. These include a special product auction, a tourist talent and singing contest, arm wrestling competitions, bingo prize draws, dance-offs, a children’s paper airplane launch, a women’s hula hoop contest, and a social gathering.

As for gastronomic and shopping delights, the festival boasts an array of food stalls offering local agricultural specialties, food trucks, booths with delectable local cuisine, various merchandise vendors, ice cream stands, coffee shops, and health food options.

To ensure visitor safety, the festival has implemented comprehensive safety measures and deployed dedicated safety personnel across the area. These measures include a central information center staffed by emergency medical staff and ample parking facilities.

For those seeking additional experiences, a visit to the Lee Byeong-ju Literary Museum, just 5 minutes from the festival venue, offers a chance to explore the creative writings and relics of author Narim Lee Byeong-ju.

You can also capture memorable photos against a backdrop of blooming cosmos in the rice fields of Lee Myeong Village.

Nearby Geumosan Mountain in Geumnam-myeon offers the thrilling Hadong Cable Car, providing an adventurous and scenic ride for those seeking a beautiful fall experience.

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