Donghae Line Railway from Busan to Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do Will be Completed in 2022

A new era of tourism is set to begin in the southeastern portion of the peninsula as the Donghae Line railway from Busan to Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, will be completed in 2022.

From Bujeon Station in Busan to Samcheok Station in Gangwon province, high-speed trains will take travelers along the 308.5 km journey making domestic travel much easier and more comfortable.

The Donghae Line will open from Ulsan to Pohang next year, and will also have 11 new stops, including eight between Jwacheon and Ulsan.

Image: Namchang Station/Korea Railroad Authority

According to the Korea Railroad Authority, the Yeongnam Headquarters of the Industrial Complex will be opened sequentially next year, from Ilgwang to Taehwagang and Ulsan to Pohang, and at the same time, the Pohang to Samcheok section will begin construction and will be completed in December 2022.

The stations themselves are also currently under construction are being built with a motif unique to each area.

Jwacheon Station is set to have the appearance of the falcon mountain range while Wolnae Station will be shaped like the movement of the sea in Wolnaeri.

Image: Wolnae Station/Korea Railroad Authority

The waiting rooms and restrooms are also expected to have a sophisticated and luxurious design and each station is equipped with a transit stop and a large parking lot.

While the exact timing for the launch of service has not yet been decided, it is expected that operations will begin in 2021 from Busan to Pohang, and all sections from Busan to Samcheok will start operating in early 2023.

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