One of the most unique coffeeshops in the country, Cafe Terarosa is a definite must-see place for any coffee lover.

Wires hanging straight down from the ceiling serve as a wall. Large tables made of steel provide relaxation and an opportunity for study. Cafe Terarosa is well-known for its coffee, brewed with a variety of coffee beans and freshly-baked bread. The cafe originated in Gangneung and has since expanded across the nation, however, Terarosa Suyeong in F1963 is the only location in Busan. Its made-to-order, hand-drip coffee is brewed from a wide range of coffee beans including Guatemala Tulio and Ethiopia Yirgacheffee. The shop also offers such delicious desserts as croissants, scones, pound cake, cookies, tiramisu and tarts.

Already well-known on social media, Terarosa is crowded on weekends, when it is most difficult to land a table. The best time to visit the coffee shop is weekday mornings or afternoons when it is less crowded.

Cafe Info

Hours: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Hand-drip coffee runs from 5,500 to 6,000 won. Americano’s and cafe lattes are 5,000 won; tiramisu is 5,500 won.


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