Driver’s Beware: Watch Out for This Insurance Fraud

Busan Police are warning drivers to be careful as insurance scams are on the rise in the city.

As arrests for fraud are up almost 33% this year, the city police have expanded their traffic crime investigation team to two teams to strongly respond to auto insurance fraud.

Two Recent Cases Involving Fraud

A 20-year-old was recently arrested for defrauding 190,000,000 won in insurance claims in the name of settlement money and repair costs by deliberately causing traffic accidents.

Using an older BMW, he would deliberately target vehicles that would violate traffic signals or crosswalks.

Over 17 months until July of this year, he had caused 37 accidents and used the money for Internet gambling or to pay personal debts.

A second man in his 40s was also recently arrested for defrauding insurance companies by jumping into moving vehicles 23 times from April to August this year.

The man would reportedly wait for vehicles to reverse in alleyways and jump into the car faking injury.



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