Eat Like a Local: Authentic Delights at Phuket Thai Food

What used to be a struggle in finding good Thai food around the city has pretty much vanished in the past few years with a plethora of good Thai eateries located around the city.

That being said, when you find one that has the authentic tastes of the Land of Smiles, it’s even better, especially in the past year and a half of non-travel.

Located on the back streets of Gwangalli, Phuket Thai Food is a no-frills restaurant that more than makes up for it in the authenticity of its dishes.

On a recent visit with a friend, we tried a couple of dishes which happen to be two of my favorites — the Pad kra pao (a pork and basil stir fry with rice and fried egg), and the Pad see ew (a Thai stir-fried noodle dish).

I’ve tried over a dozen Thai restaurants in the city and with the Pad see ew, there was something always wrong with it. Either they used the wrong noodles, the sauce wasn’t right, or they added something that doesn’t even go into the dish.

But not here. It was perfect. And to my extreme delight, it tasted exactly like an Isan-style noodle dish that you could get anywhere in Thailand should, albeit more pricey than Thailand, but a very reasonable 10,000 won.

The Phad kra pao was also deliciously made and presented, with a nice kick from the chilies which can either make the dish spicy or tame.

A variety of other dishes are available, including a variety of soups — Tom Yum, Kuaitao Sai and Kuaitao Nam Kon, and Rat Na, as well as a variety of Thai curries, appetizers, and Thai restaurant standards.

The prices are very reasonable, with dishes beginning around 10,000 won.

If you’re missing the taste of real Thai food, this is a place you’ll want to visit. I can’t wait until I return.

A bonus for chefs, a small convenience store is attached to the restaurant in the back selling an assortment of Thai ingredients to make your dishes at home, while also having Thai snacks, ramyeon, and drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Restaurant Information

Open: 9 am to 9 pm daily

Address: 4, 34 beon-gil, Muhak-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-623-3554

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Sia Lee
Having spent time in the US and England as a student, Sia Lee returned to Korea and is currently freelance writing for several publications about food and lifestyle.

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