Eat Like a Local: Enjoy a Classic Salmon Rice Bowl and Gyukatsu Meal in Jeonpo-dong

Nestled deep on the back roads of Jeonpo-dong, Seoyeonok offers tempting dishes at reasonable prices with some outstanding Japanese-inspired fare.

Nothing could go wrong with a classic duo of Salmon Rice Bowl and Gyukatsu for a meal. If you are looking for a place to try this perfect combination, this authentic restaurant in Jeonpo-dong is going to be your next must-return place. 

This restaurant has an amazing waiting list system where you can get your queuing number right through your phone and the waiting time estimation by inserting your phone number into the machine. 

I love how everything is so convenient in this restaurant. Ordering, paying for the food, even asking for a sauce refill is as easy as scrolling through the screen right beside you.

Saying cheogiyo is no longer needed here. It is a huge win for all the introverts out there. 

We ordered the set menu number 3 which includes the Yeoneo Deopbap (salmon rice bowl), Gyukatsu, rice, and a mini Udon. This is just the perfect amount for two people.

The price menu usually ranged from 11,000 won to 36,000 won but due to the issues that are happening in Ukraine, the price now starts from 13,000 won.

Having visited this restaurant quite often, I have always found the salmon is constantly fresh and clean.

Below the salmon is rice that has a tangy soy sauce poured on it that gives this sour yet sweet taste at the same time. I also added wasabi and onion making each bite even more, tastier than ever. 

The moment the Gyukatsu was served I could already tell how crispy the outer part is. With the mini stove on the table, you can choose how well done you want the meat to be, but a good ten seconds on each side is perfect. Dip it in a little bit of salt then feel the crispiness and chewiness immediately as it melts inside your mouth. 

The set menu is amazingly delicious but the mini udon was sadly disappointing.

Overall, it is still one of the best salmon rice bowls and gyukatsu I have ever eaten in the city. 

Parking is not available near the area so going on foot or by taxi might be the best option for this restaurant. 

Restaurant Information

Seoyeonok (소연옥) in Jeonpo-dong

Open: 11.30 am – 8.20 pm daily (Break time 3 pm – 5 pm)

Address: Dongseong-ro 39, Busanjin-gu

Phone: 051-923-1149

Maria Teresa
Maria Teresa is a senior university student from Jakarta at Kyungsung University majoring in Public Relations and Advertising.

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