Less than four hundred meters from Yeonsan Subway Station gate 10, Jeonggyeongsiktak offers carefully one-week aged Korean pork in a café-like atmosphere.

Siktak, which means ‘dining table’, has been open since April 2018, but they have built a steady clientele which has attributed to their popularity and success.

They have a fridge for aging pork, and nice and clean open kitchen.

Upon arrival, the unpretentious interior and cordial staff made us feel welcome as if we were entering their home.

Basic table setting

They offer aged pork belly or aged pork shoulder for 9,000 won per 130g portion, and their Jeonggyeong set (390g of pork plus pork rind) for 31,500 won.

We ordered Jeonggyeong Hansang Charim for two, which comes with a bowl of steamed egg and cheese in addition to the set for 37,000 won.

The wide-variety of side dishes were all fresh and well-prepared. You can enjoy the four kinds of sauce — garlic, parmesan, curry, and salt marinated with herbs — but the thick, tender juicy slices of pork itself ensured that none were needed if you like your meat as is.

According to the owner, he decided to open his own brand of restaurant after considering using one of the standard pork franchises, so that he could offer a unique dining experience and the best-tasting pork he could find.

Like many meat restaurants these days, the attentive staff will proactively grill the meat for you, leaving you to enjoy conversation with your dinner party.

They also cook washed kimchi and cheese with the pork, giving it a flavorful combination many restaurants don’t offer.

Many people also recommend their doenjang-jjigae, which runs 2,000 won for a small and 5,000 won for the larger portion. Their version of the stew was savory, deep and refreshing, highlighted by the blue crab which is commonly found in kkotgetang.

They serve various kinds of Korean alcohol, including soju and bokbunja, from 3,500 won to 10,000 won.

As part of their service, they offer hair bands, aprons, and small blankets for customers. They also usually market their special offers on their social media SNS or when offering new menu items.

Reservations are recommended for bigger groups or important occasions.

Restaurant Information

Jeonggyeongsiktak (정경식탁)

Open: 16:00 – 02:00 daily

Address: 46, Gobun-ro 31Beongil, Yeonje-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-862-9900

WiFi: Available

Parking: Available for 90 minutes at Wellness Hospital (웰니스 병원)