Eat Like a Local: 20 Years of Tradition – Busan Milmyeon in Suyeong-gu

One of Busan's representative foods, Milmyeon (wheat noodles) has a long history, and of course, there are many famous restaurants for it in Busan. Among them, Busan Milmyeon is at the top of the list.

Busan Milmyeon, easily found at gate 10 of Suyeong subway station, has been open for 20 years serving locals in Busan. A warm-hearted grandma, the owner, serves except when it is very busy.

Milmyeon is one of popular summer foods in Busan, so they additionally offer kalguksu during winter. Except for kalguksu, they have only four kinds of food which they focus on which has helped keep the price low for 20 years.

Bibim milmyeon (5,000 won) served with hot broth in a kettle

Table settings are very simple, but you will see their professionalism in the food. The noodles are perfectly cooked, the seasoning is well-balanced, the hot broth is addictive, and the homemade dumplings (mandu in Korean) are inimitable.

Mul-milmyeon (wheat noodles in cold broth) is 4,500 won, Hoe-bibim milmyeon (bibim milmyeon with raw fish in it) is 5,500 won, and a set of dumplings is 4,500 won. You can have a bigger portion of noodles for an additional 1,000 won.

Parking is available at Daebu parking lot (대부 주차장) located between KEB Hana Bank and OvenMaru around 10 meters from the restaurant. You have to get a stamp on the parking receipt.

Restaurant Information

Busan Milmyeon (부산 밀면)

Open: 11 am – 8 pm daily (except Chuseok and Seollal)

Address: 1F, Songpajios 5 , Suyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan


Yoona Kang
M.A. in English syntax. Loves travel, exercise, animals, music and dance. Happy Busanite, foodie, excellent suitcase packer.

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