Located on the road behind Dalmaji main road, Kitchen Dongbaek, which used to be an art gallery, offers high class dining, service, and ambience.

With the lovely exterior and classy interior, the experienced professional staff will make you feel at home the second you walk in the door.

They seem very passionate about selecting only the highest quality ingredients every morning. Even their coffee is not an exception – they roast, age, and grind their own coffee at the entrance of the restaurant. All food is made-to-order, so if you have allergies or any food restrictions, you can inform them when ordering.

There are two managers — one who studied wine in Australia for years and the other a former barista for eight years — and they do their utmost to provide exceptional service and explain pairings from certain wines and dishes right down to the coffee and desserts.

Smoked salmon by apple wood, in dinner course

They have two lunch courses (steak or lamb main 48,000 won and pasta main 37,000 won) and one dinner course (Chef Tasting Course. 84,000 won. Minimum order is for two people). My friend and I had the dinner course with three glasses of wine (114,000 won per person). The main dish was changeable from four options, so my friend chose the rack of lamb instead of the strip loin. The manager asked our preferred wine types and served the best pairable wine for each of the three dishes.

Striploin steak during the dinner course

Every dish was excellent and satisfying. The Hawaiian salt with smoked salmon was impressive, and the crunchy outside and tender inside fish was lovely with Bergamot butter sauce. The lamb was perfectly cooked and so was the steak.

Lemon and basil sherbet served after the fish was refreshing and perfect to be ready for the steak next. We had tiramisu and coffee for dessert, and we were lucky to have additional maple ice cream dessert for free. The tiramisu was especially great, but very sweet for me though.

The barista manager finished our dinner by fresh brewing coffee at our table, with a choice of a Kenyan or Panamanian blend.

They have salad (10,000 won – 28,000 won), soup (12,000 won), pasta (17,000 won – 28,000 won), pizza (22,000 won – 28,000 won), and four kinds of main dish (39,000 won – 72,000 won). They have a large selection of champagne (115,000 won – 352,000 won), sparkling wine (35,000 won – 99,000 won), wine (37,000 won – 354,000 won), and dessert wine (49,000 won – 156,000 won)

View from the terrace

There is unfortunately a building under construction across the restaurant, which blocks the view. But they have tables with windows facing south towards the beach, and there is a terrace on each the second and third floor, and the view is still very nice.

Parking is available. Reservations are recommended especially if you want a table with a good view.

Restaurant Information

Kitchen Dongbaek (키친 동백)

Open: 11 am – 3 pm / 5 pm – 10 pm daily (except Seollal and Chuseok)

Address: 85, Dalmaji 117 beonga-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-731-0022



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