Eat Like a Local: Raw Fish with a Twist – Gitbaljip Mulhoe

Gitbaljip in Oncheon-dong is famous for mulhoe, which is raw round nose flounder served in an icy soup and bibim hoe, a spicy noodle dish with raw fish. If you are looking to try some great local seafood, this place is a must.

Located around Heosimcheong in Oncheon-dong, Gitbaljip is famous for mulhoe, which is round nose flounder hoe (raw fish) served in icy soup, and bibim hoe.

Mulhoe and bibim hoe are easier to eat than usual raw fish; you can mix all the ingredients in the bowl and eat it like a normal spicy Korean noodle dish.

For people who were afraid to eat raw fish during the summer because of vibrio, fall is the perfect season to enjoy it.

Mulhoe with rice

There are numbers on the menu which you can order from — the first three are each 15,000 won per portion and 3,000 won more for extra hoe. The first option is bibim hoe served with rice and maeuntang (hot spicy dish stew), the second is mulhoe served with rice, and the third is mulhoe served with noodles.

I usually order #2 or #3 during the summer and #1 during the winter. If you want your mulhoe spicier, you can add the chopped pepper in the small brown pot in the photo above.

Round nose flounder, which this restaurant uses for hoe, is not known to be raised in fish farms, so its natural taste brings health conscious customers coming back for more .

There are several other Korean-style seafood dish options, among which kkotge doenjang jorim (hard-boiled blue crabs in soybean paste soup — 30,000 won medium size, 40,000 won large size) has also made this restaurant popular with the locals.

All the ingredients are domestic and everything is made fresh every morning. As well as a popular dining spot, many others choose here as a drinking spot for the accompanying dishes.

Parking is available and it is best to avoid lunch time. Takeout is available upon request.

Restaurant Information

Gitbaljip Muhoe (깃발집 물회)

Open: 10 am – 10 pm daily (need to check for Seollal and Chuseok holidays)

Address: 2F, Hyewon Bldg, Oncheonjang-ro 107-10, Dongnae-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-553-4012


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Yoona Kang
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