Among some phenomenal traditional markets in Busan, there is one called Bujeon Market in front of Bujeon Station.

market outside

Almost all the marketplace is indoors and you can probably find almost everything you need. Ginseng, seafood, vegetables, pig’s heads, nuts, and even Korean side dishes.

a shop

No rush to start bargaining or find items. Just looking at things, people and what is going on will amaze you. Although you may feel lost there, do not worry because there are some friendly vendors who will tell you a way out and lovely eating stalls are easily found. Speaking of which, here are two among them I would like to introduce.

1. Premium Fish Cake: Goraesa 

고래사 outside cutfood 1

Equipped with their own factory, they make different kinds of outstanding fish cake. Fish cake in Busan is the most delicious in the nation and Graesa fish cake is among the most premium in Busan. It is fresh and has no such things as MSG, preservatives, food coloring or flour in it. You can choose and pay on the first floor, and try it with coffee on the second floor. Although it is more expensive than that in super stores, its quality and taste cannot be compared. You can also order it offline or online. If your order is more than 50,000 won, it will be delivered free.

2. Addictive huge gimbab: Famous K Noodle

김밥place 2

마약김밥 전경

They have big size gimbab and kalguksu and some other kinds of food, which locals love. Choose and pay first, and they will cook right away and serve it for you. The food is delicious and the price is very cheap. Most of all, watching the workers making gimbab in front of the restaurant is itself sensational.

Restaurant Information

  1. Goraesa (고래사)

Open: 10 am – 6 pm (except weekends and national holidays)

Phone: 1544-7902

2. Famous K Noodle (소문난 칼국수 마약 왕김밥)

Open: 7 am – 7 pm daily

Phone: 051-816-4633

Bujeon Market Information

Open: 4 am – 7 pm daily

Phone: 051-818-1091