Video: Enjoy Improvisational Live Painting by GwangMo Ku, MoKu

GwangMo Ku, the artist, shares a special moment -- the conversation between him and the canvas. Kyeongmi Heo, the dancer, moves and bursts in the transforming canvas. Our camera could not capture the energy but please enjoy the spectacle.


On April 10th at Gallery Daim in Namgu, celebrated Korean artist MoKu collaborated with dancer Kyeongmi Heo, to give a live performance with art and dance. Videos were also played on the wall, on the canvas, which contain MoKu’s philosophy, enthusiasm for art, and concerns about society.

Provided by Gallery Daim

Here are some video excerpts from the opening live performance.

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This will be a good chance to get his art at affordable prices and part of the profit will be used to aid abused children. The exhibition by MoKu will run until April 23rd. Gallery Daim is also open on Sundays for this exhibition.

Exhibition Information

MoKu Solo Exhibition : 2017 April 3rd – April 23rd at Gallery Daim

Gallery Daim

Open: 10 am – 7 pm (except Sundays)

Address: 110-10, UN Pyeonghwa-Ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea

Phone: 051- 624-7808