Espresso Bar Gaining Popularity in Busan

Espresso bars are becoming the latest trend in coffee shops around the city as the introduction of a European cafe experience has recently been gaining popularity.

Though currently only four espresso cafes in the city, Gwangalli and Seomyeon have become the places where the new ventures are popping up.

The espresso cafes differ by not selling the ubiquitous Americano that most cafes in the city currently offer, rather, they focus on drinks based around espresso which are noted for their deep flavor and relatively cheap prices.

Jumadung, a popular espresso bar in Busanjin-gu which opened last December, offers a variety of chocolate, creamy chocolate, or con panna and affogato.

“Many young people who have experienced cafes are tired of the same offerings and are looking for something different,” said Ko Ji-hye, a university student who recently discovered a new love of espresso.

Haps Staff
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