Everything You Need to Know About Haeundae Bus Terminal

So, if you’ve lived in Busan for a while or you speak Korean then you probably already know about Haeundae’s Intercity and Express bus terminals. 

Currently, the information in English about either station is scarce. So, if you’re like me, hopelessly monolingual and reliant on the internet for everything, then you may have never set foot in either station, and that’s a great shame.

If you live in the Haeundae area, these two terminals can save you the tragic fate of trekking to Sasang or Nopo.  

There are two stations, the Intercity and Express. 

To get to the Intercity terminal walk straight for about three minutes from Exit 2 at Haeundae metro station. 

The Express terminal is about halfway between Dongbaek and Haeundae metro station.

From Haeundae walk straight from Exit 4 for approximately ten minutes, or from Exit 2 in Dongbaek for about the same length of time. 


The Intercity terminal has routes going to 12 destinations. Ulsan, Bangeojin, Gimhae, Jangyu, Changwon, South Masan, East Daegu, Pohang, Gyeongju, Yangsan, Eonyang, Jeonju. The most frequent routes are Ulsan and Gimhae with buses leaving every half hour and every forty minutes respectively. 

The Express terminal has just 6 routes, but some have multiple stops. Dongducheon, stopping at Gwangju and Hanam. Goyang with stops at Bucheon and Seongnam, Ansan also stopping at Suwon and Osan, South Seoul, East Seoul, and Incheon international airport. Buses to Seoul are the most regular with a bus leaving every hour or so. 


There are ticket desks and machines which an English option in each terminal. There is not currently an English website to buy tickets online but you can check route information on Bustago’s website. 

That’s all you need to know about Haeundae’s bus terminals! May you never go to Sasang or Nopo unnecessarily again. 

Anya Lyon-Fraser
Anya Lyon-Fraser is a content creator who has recently moved to Busan and is enjoying discovering more about what the city has to offer.

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