What to Expect from the Finnair Flights to Helsinki from Busan

With the recent announcement of the Busan to Helsinki flights beginning next year, a lot of passengers are wondering what to expect from the flight.

Here’s a look at what local media has been saying about the flights.

When will the flights run?

The flights are expected to begin on March 30, 2020 from Gimhae Airport to Helskinki, Finland.

Finnair wants the Busan-Helsinki route to be operated at similar times to the Incheon-Helsinki route.

Currently, Finnair departs from Incheon to Helsinki at 10:20 am. In this case, Helsinki arrives at around 1:30-40 pm local time. Since a lot of flights to European countries are arriving at 3 to 5 pm, it is possible to move to other parts of Europe through transit.

“Helsinki Vantaa airport can be transferred within 35 minutes as soon as possible,” said Kim Dong-hwan, president of Finnair Korea.

The flights also plan to arrive in Busan at 8 a.m. local time.

What can you expect from the flight?

The aircraft is likely to be an Airbus A350-900 aircraft with seating for 297 passengers. This model is the latest model introduced in 2015 and has advanced features such as an in-flight entertainment system and Wi-Fi.

Busan to Helsinki has a direct route of 7,400 km and the flight time is 9 hours and 40 minutes.

The flights are likely to run three times a week — Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Finnair currently operates three flights a week from Fukuoka Airport on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Finnair said it is now considering several options for passengers who are returning to Fukuoka to travel to and from Europe.

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