First Phase of the North Port to be Opened Tomorrow

The first phase of the redevelopment initiative at the North Port of Busan, home of the hopeful 2030 Busan World Expo, is set to be fully unveiled to the public on the 27th.

Anticipation among citizens is poised to intensify in the lead-up to the impending decision on the host city for the 2030 World Expo on Tuesday.

The waterfront park spans approximately 150,000 square meters within the Phase 1 redevelopment zone of North Port and is slated to open its doors to citizens from the 27th, operating from 5 a.m. to midnight.

The opening excludes the waterfront area (station 2) housing Busan Port Pier 1, 3.44 kilometers of road, and 503 meters of pedestrian deck space.

This decision to fully open the waterfront park stems from the resolution of disputes over public facility management rights between the BPA and the city of Busan.

On the 22nd, the BPA officially communicated its intention to relinquish management rights to the city, though it will continue partial support for the waterfront park’s management until the end of this year.

Having engaged in prior consultations with the BPA, the city is expected to formalize the transfer of management rights through a letter of commitment, barring any unforeseen issues.

Delays in the transfer process had arisen due to concerns about dead trees in the park and disputes regarding construction quality. Nonetheless, the two entities have reached a consensus, with the BPA assuming responsibility for rectifying defects in various facilities.

Upon assuming management rights, the city plans to delegate the operation of facilities to the Busan Facilities Corporation.

The management of the scenic 1.3-kilometer waterway within the park, a source of previous contention, currently falls under BPA’s purview.

Various events, including drone light shows and kayaking experiences, took place when the waterway was temporarily opened in April.

However, concerns linger about the lack of confirmation regarding the operator for the scenic waterway, raising issues related to waste and safety management.

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