‘Forum BIFF,’ An Intellectual Hub of Dynamic Discussions Open to All Audiences

The Busan International Film Festival holds Forum BIFF, centered around the Jiseok Film Institute, online from October 22nd  to October 27th.

Jiseok Film Institute was launched to cherish the memory of late deputy director Jiseok Kim and promotes interdisciplinary study, education, and archive of Asian cinema.

This year’s Forum BIFF conducts 12 sessions on diverse timely topics: changes in the culture and film industries in the post-COVID-19 era; the past, present, and future of film festivals as “contact zones” in celebration of the Busan International Film Festival’s 25th anniversary; recent societal debates on gender and feminism; and the history of resistance and the future of democracy in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Democratic Uprising.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, this year’s Forum BIFF is held online without charge on the Busan International Film Festival’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/busanfilmfest).

Audiences around the world can participate online through live streamings and interact via comments in lieu of the in-person experience. Additionally, the videos will be up for 7 days after the end of the event in order to share Forum BIFF with more audiences.

Life and Films in the Post-Covid-19 Era

Forum BIFF prepared sessions to explore problems posed by COVID-19 and possible ways to overcome them. Under the key theme “Post-Covid-19 Era,” scholars, filmmakers, and experts in topics such as “lifestyle and cultural changes,” “film,” and “film festivals,” will come together to share ideas. Min Kyu-dong, the director of Herstory (2018), and Park Tae-hoon, the founder and CEO of online video streaming service Watcha, are on the panel to comprehensively discuss current questions in the film industry.

Film Festival as a Contact Zone

Film festivals are “contact zones” in which diverse cultures and values interact and coexist. Within the fast-changing media technology environment, Forum BIFF reexamines film festivals as contact zones and seeks new directions to take in the post-COVID-19 era.

The session entitled Media Technology and the Future of Film Festivals, which features the film programmer of a premier multimedia arts festival South by Southwest (SXSW), is also worth looking forward to.

More details on Forum BIFF, the Busan International Film Festival’s intellectual hub of dynamic discussions on cinema, can be found on the official webpage (forum.biff.kr/).

Forum BIFF Schedule


10:00~12:00 Gender Politics in the 21st Century’s Korean Films (Co-host: Im Kwon Taek Film Archive and Research Center of Dongseo University) KOR
13:00~15:00 Reading the Future of ‘5.18’ through Cultural Contents (Co-host: KOCCCA) KOR
10:00~12:00 Film Festivals in the Post-Soviet Space and Traditions of Russian Cinema KOR
The Great Legacy of Russian Cinema 1 (Co-host: Korea-Russia Dialogue)
13:00~15:00 Russian Cinema in Korean Culture KOR
The Great Legacy of Russian Cinema 2 (Co-host: Korea-Russia Dialogue)
16:00~18:00 Busan International Film Festival’s 25 Years: Reflections and Prospects (Co-host: PNU Film Institute) KOR
10:00~11:20 Media Technology and the Future of Film Festivals KOR/ENG
Film Festival as Contact Zones 1 (Co-host: Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones)
15:00~17:00 The Geopolitics of Film Festivals in Asia KOR/ENG
Film Festival as Contact Zones 2 (Co-host: Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones)
16:00~18:00 Film Festivals beyond Borders KOR/ENG
Film Festival as Contact Zones 3 (Co-host: Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones)
10/26 10:00~12:00 Changes in Life and Culture in COVID-19 Era KOR
(Mon) Life, Culture and Cinema in COVID-19 Era 1
13:00~15:30 Cinema in COVID-19 Era KOR
Life, Culture and Cinema in COVID-19 Era 2
16:00~18:00 Film Festivals in COVID-19 Era KOR
Life, Culture and Cinema in COVID-19 Era 3
10:00~12:30 Master Class Workshop: Let’s Have Fun with Cameras! (Co-host: Korea Motion Picture Director’s Association, Korean Fil
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