From Price, Taste, Service, and Community Service, These Four Places Were Chosen as “2021 Excellent Good Price Restaurants”

Four restaurants in Busan have been chosen as the “2021 Excellent Good Price Restaurants”.

A ‘good price business’ is a business that provides high-quality services at a lower price than other local businesses among personal service businesses such as restaurants.

Currently, 624 locations have been designated in the Busan area.

This year, Byeolmijjib in Seodaesin-dong, Seo-gu, Pungmi Chueotang in Gamman-dong, Nam-gu, Rodem Noodle Kalguksu in Jurye-dong, Sasang-gu, and Hope Chicken in Nakmin-dong, Dongnae-gu were selected.

The city selected four excellent businesses this year after a month of recommendations from districts and counties and written and on-site examinations, from last October.

In addition to price, these establishments were selected as they were evaluated for excellence in four categories: hygiene, quality, service, and community service.

Located in Seo-gu, Byeolmijjib, which serves Steamed anglerfish for 20,000 won, uses domestic ingredients such as anglerfish, rice, and kimchi, and the owner cooks all the food himself. In particular, the price continued to be frozen even in difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19, and was highly evaluated for serving meals to welfare centers in the building.

Pungmi Chueotang, which serves Chueotang for 7,000 won located in Nam-gu, is known as a popular restaurant among office workers in the area by providing a refined taste and generous side dishes using domestic ingredients such as loach and kimchi. In addition, they contribute to the local community by participating in helping the underprivileged every year. 

Rodem Noodle Kalguksu, which serves kalkuksu for 4,000 won located in Sasang-gu, has frozen the price for 5 years even in difficult circumstances. The noodles are kneaded immediately after ordering, and the dough is made by hand. No preservatives are added to the dough, and ingredients such as kimchi and red pepper powder are also domestically produced. Fish cakes are added to the anchovy broth as a garnish, which is said to have a clean taste. In addition, by joining the Hope Coupon Sharing Service, they are actively participating in community service activities. 

Dongnae-gu’s Hope Chicken, which serves Spiced Chicken for 18,000 won, uses only domestic ingredients, and the oil is changed every day, so the taste is fresh and clean. In 2020, it was selected as a ‘100-year shop’ by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and is also being operated as a “safe restaurant” designated by the city. On the first basement floor of the building, a resident living space called ‘Hope Bus Stop’ is being operated to serve the local community, and various volunteer activities are being carried out, such as paying scholarships to various scholarship societies and sponsoring the Dongnae Welfare Center. 

Good price shops in Busan can be found on the website of the city of Busan

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