Gijang Looking For Traffic Countermeasures Ahead of Theme Park Opening

Officials in Gijang-gun are looking to prepare traffic countermeasures ahead of this summer’s opening of the Luge Park and theme park.

The district office proposed the creation of the Osiria Tourism Complex and Ilgwang New Town Traffic Measures Council to the city of Busan in hopes of alleviating the already serious traffic conditions in the area.

Around 14,000 cars are currently estimated to visit the area on weekends and holidays already, with most people heading to IKEA, the Lotte Outlet, or to the Ananti Hilton.

Traffic is expected to get even worse this year because in June, Skyline Luge is expected to open, and then again in August when Lotte World Adventure Busan opens.

While short-term measures have improved it slightly, Gijang Coastal Road which is currently under construction isn’t expected to be open until at least August.

A longer-term solution may take years to finish and traffic in the area is sure to get worse once the larger scale attractions open this summer.

Haps Staff
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