Gwangalli’s Drone Show to Have More Citizen Participation

The opportunity for citizens to participate in the drone light show is expected to expand.

Suyeong-gu district announced that the theme of the permanent performance of the Gwangalli M Drone Light Show was ‘Proposal’ and a citizen participation event will be held.

For this event, the district held a proposal contest for three weeks from August 1 to 19 and received 43 stories by publicly recruiting stories.

Four of them were selected, and two of them will hold a proposal event this month, and the remaining two will hold a proposal event on December 24, Christmas Eve.

The proposal event is a drone show with a total of 6 contents including a confession video transmission and a couple interview. After the proposal, a bouquet of flowers is presented.

This event was planned as a follow-up event due to the favorable response of citizens to the drone proposal event held in December last year. At that time, a proposal event was held using 300 drones.

The district announced that it will expand opportunities for citizens to participate in the drone light show and are also planning a family proposal in May next year.

Haps Staff
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