Gyeongnam Province to Offer Toll Exemption for Lunar New Year Travelers

Gyeongnam province has announced toll exemption on all private roads managed by the province and Changwon City during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday period from February 9 to February 12.

This move aligns with the national plan to ease the financial burden on citizens during the Lunar New Year, providing convenience to those returning to their hometowns and tourists exploring the province’s attractions.

The toll exemption spans four days, from midnight on Friday, February 9, to midnight on Monday, February 12, including substitute holidays.

During this period, drivers must use the Hi-Pass terminal as usual when entering toll booths. Hi-Pass equipped vehicles can utilize the Hi-Pass lane for free, while non-Hi-Pass vehicles can enter the regular lane without incurring toll charges.

The province anticipates a surge in road usage, with an estimated 620,000 vehicles, including 210,000 on Machang Bridge, 180,000 on Geoga-daero, and 230,000 on the Changwon-Busan route (Bulmosan Tunnel).

The toll exemption is expected to benefit users by approximately 2.3 billion won.

Starting today, the province will offer a 20% discount on weekday commute time tolls for Geoje citizens using Geoga Bridge.

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