Challenge Your Problem Solving Skills at Haeundae Breakout Escape Room

Games, theater and team building -- it's all part of the fun at escape rooms which have exploded in popularity around the world. Haeundae Breakout Escape provides the best option in the city to test your skills.

Located on the 6th floor in Crystal Beach Officetel across from the Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Haeundae Breakout Escape boasts five themes of escape games. In each game, you have to solve problems availing yourself of clues you encounter and try to escape the room in 45 minutes.

Korea has also caught onto the escape room trend which has exploded worldwide since its beginnings in Japan. In Busan, Haeundae Breakout Escape is the first escape game place in the world that offers role-play style reality games.

breakout escape 2

It has started a special edition, Ms. SoonSIRI the Greatest Show, which satirizes the governmental monopolization last year. The owner of a mysterious theater cast a trap and you have to try to escape. Step into the room and a message is waiting for you.

breakout escape
Theme 3 Ms SoonSIRI Greatest Show

“Your mission is to find out the artifice that SoonSIRI, the owner of this theater has hidden. In the meantime, her true character will be revealed. It begins now and the countdown has started. Good luck.”

Then you are handcuffed. Now you have to uncuff yourself and get out of the room within 45 minutes.

breakout escape 1
Theme 1 FALL OUT: You, an unfortunate scientist who got wiped memories away, retrieve memories and flee from FBI.

A staff member said, “We’ve seen citizens demonstrating in brilliant and clever ways against the governmental monopolization and we would like to join the movement in our own way so we modified one of our games in a similar vein.”

breakout escape 4
Theme 2 CHAMBER of HOCUS: Solve all the problems that Hocus hid and find Hocus.

breakout escape 3
Theme 4 Materia Medica: Out of sudden, a hospital took all patients of your hospital. Find the secret recipe of the hospital.

Their escape games can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages — friends, lovers or family members participating in a game are sure to enjoy themselves. Also a large number of departments from companies are coming to play as a way to build teamwork.

breakout escape 5
Theme 5 TERRAFORM: You, on duty of terraforming, have to escape the spacecraft. The spacecraft is about to explode.

Haeundae Breakout Escape is the only escape game place in Haeundae. There are five themes, each of which is thrilling and interesting like a movie.

Games are in both Korean and English so if you can understand either, you can enjoy the games together as well. Reservations are necessary and parking is available on the 1st floor.


Haeundae Breakout Escape

Open: 10:30 am – 12 am daily (need to check for Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays.)

Address: 6th floor, Crystal Beach Officetel, Jung 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-731-0837

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