Haman-gun Promotes the Creation of Namdu Nurturing Food Town in Gaya Traditional Market

Haman-gun is operating county-owned shops leased to merchants in Gaya Traditional Market as part of the urban regeneration project in Malsan district’s new ‘Namdu Fostering Food Town.

The decline of the Gaya traditional market is accelerating due to the aging of merchants and the lack of representative foods unique to the market. In order for the market to survive, a revolutionary turning point is needed. 

Accordingly, Haman-gun created and operated a beautiful market merchant division to revive the Gaya Traditional Market with the planning of the Malsan district urban regeneration project, which was selected for the 2020 public contest. 

One of them, the creation of ‘Namdu Fostering Food Town’, was planned to bring a youthful vitality to the market by selecting young people with unique and competitive food recipes through a public contest. 

Currently, the design service for the remodeling of the shopping mall is in progress, and when the lease contract with the existing merchant ends in December, young people who will enter the food town will be selected through a public contest from January next year, and the remodeling will be completed in the first half of next year. 

Haps Staff
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