Han Hyeong-seok Free Children’s Theater Nears Completion

The restoration of the Han Hyeong-seok Free Children’s Theater in Seo-gu, Korea’s first children’s theater, is nearing completion after nearly a decade since the initial restoration project.

The theater, built by the late Han Hyeong-seok, an independence activist and artist, is set to reopen in July after extensive restoration work.

Originally opened in August 1953, the Free Children’s Theater served as a vital space for nurturing children’s dreams and imagination, staging various performances and films. However, the restoration project faced numerous delays due to changing maintenance plans and issues with ground compensation.

The Seo-gu Office is now focused on completing the restoration, including landscaping and interior construction, with plans for a temporary opening in April before the official reopening on July 1.

The theater will feature a children’s theater with 160 seats, a small library, and a cultural complex called ‘Delaknarak,’ offering various digital cultural experiences.

Despite the excitement surrounding the reopening, some concerns have been raised about the absence of the Han Hyeong-seok Memorial Hall in the design and the challenges of accessibility and parking due to surrounding old housing and limited parking spaces.

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