Haunted House (only one in the whole country, as far as we know)

In 1950 Asia Community School had a brand new program to have an exchange program between Korean students and students throughout the world. This program brought children from places such as Peru, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia and many others. It was a wonderful program and the children really loved the chance to learn something new.

In that same year, June 25th of 1950, the North Korean forces invaded South Korea in what is known as the Korean war. When the war broke out all of the people from the Northern cities fled to the south to avoid capture. In the ensuing exodus, all free South Koreans arrived in the last city to be occupied by the Northern forces, Busan. Once arriving in Busan, there were not enough facilities to feed, provide fresh water, housing or even toilets for the mass quantities of new residents in the city.

The children at Asia Community School were trapped inside of the school as the secluded location of the school was hard for any army or police officers to find. With no food, no water and the freezing winter that approached that year, all of the children from the Asia Community School project quickly starved to death, froze to death or simply died of thirst. From that day forward the school has been haunted by the ghosts of those children. Their souls never able to leave the school grounds, trapped for eternity inside its walls.

It is said that anyone that enters will never return, trapped in the mind of one of those children, left forever to rot in one of its dungeonous lairs. 

So if you dare to get scared, come on down October 19th to the haunted school.

Directions to follow (near Munhyeon subway station)

Tickets for the event will be 5,000won. There will be presale at certain locations and also at the door. All proceeds go to charity.

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