Have Your Say: Seoul’s New Tourist Slogan

The nation’s capital has decided to finally scrap its long-running “Hi Seoul” campaign which it introduced in 2002. The Seoul City government described the slogan as “a homonym of “high,” it expresses Seoul’s vision of becoming one of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world.”

Though the slogan has been mocked by branding experts and expats alike for years for its wording and amateurish design (not to mention what looks like the colors of Romania), the city has finally taken steps to change their slogan once again.

The goal, as the city states with the new design and slogan, is “to attract 20 million foreign tourists and become one of the world’s top three global MICE cities. In order to develop the new city brand, the establishment of relevant infrastructure and the strategic management and use of city branding, an invisible asset, is critical.”

While the city has toyed with other campaigns, namely “Infinitely Yours” in 2009 and the unremarkable “Seoul, My {  }” where you could insert your own word, those also apparently failed to make an impression.


But are the three new choices any better? Here are the three options which have been selected to replace it.

1. I.Seoul.U. — According to the city, it suggests where two individuals can co-exist

2. seouling — The non-capital letter is not a mistake. This slogan represents a city going under constant change

3. SEOULMATE — The slogan suggests that the city can be friendly like a “soulmate”

Voters can cast votes until October 26th at the seoulbranding.co.kr website. The online vote will account for 50% of the final vote which will take place on October 28th in addition to votes from 1,000 citizens and a professional selection committee accounting for the remaining 25% each.

Have your say — Which one would you choose or would you recommend the city government to toss the three and choose something else?

Logo Image: Wikicommons

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Jeff Liebsch
Jeff Liebsch has contributed to Yahoo Sports, Eurobasket, Tribal Football and Yonhap News. He can be followed on Twitter at @chevybusan.

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