Here’s How Every University in Busan Fared This Year Filling Their Registration Quota

As the first semester of 2023 has begun at universities around Busan, 14 of the 15 universities failed to fill their registration quota. 

Compared to last year, the enrollment rate of some universities has increased, but in the case of lower-ranking universities, department restructuring is expected to accelerate.

Looking at the final registration results for freshmen for the 2023 academic year at 15 four-year universities in Busan, 29,921 out of a total of 31,180 recruits have completed registration.

Of all the universities, the enrollment rate is 95.9% which rose by 4.2% from 91.7% in 2021, the lowest ever, and rose by 2.7% from last year’s 93.2%.

Last year, there were 2,186 unregistered people, but this year, the number of unregistered people also decreased to 1,261.

Looking at each university, except for Korea Maritime and Ocean University, which recorded 100% of its enrollment quota, the remaining 14 universities failed to fill 100%.

Donga University, as well as Pusan National University, Pukyong National University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Kyungsung University, and Pusan National University of Education, recorded 99%, virtually filling most of the quota.

In the case of Busan University of Foreign Studies, the enrollment rate increased by 17% from 82.6% last year to 99.7% this year.

However, universities with low enrollment rates have holes in their quotas of up to 300 students.

Most of these universities are universities that have not undergone restructuring, such as reducing the number of departments or merging, due to the so-called Prime Project.

These universities are expected to undergo major reforms next year, such as large-scale reductions in admissions and restructuring of departments.

By school:

Korea Maritime University’s quota was 1,373 which was 100% filled.

Dong-a University’s quota was 4,081 and fell short by five students for 99.9% enrollment.

Pukyoung National University’s quota was 3,212 and fell short by six students for 99.8% enrollment.

Pusan National University’s quota was 4,299 and fell short by seven students for 99.8% enrollment.

BUFS quota was 1,508 and fell short by three students for 99.7% enrollment.

Kyungsung University’s quota was 2,782 and fell short by 20 students for 99.3% enrollment.

Pusan National University of Education’s quota was 359 and fell short by three students for 99.2% enrollment.

Dong Eui University’s quota was 3,560 and fell short by 64 students for 98.2% enrollment.

Busan Catholic University’s quota was 707 and fell short by 28 students for 95.8% enrollment.

Inje University’s quota was 1,623 and fell short by 88 students for 94.6% enrollment.

Yeonsan University’s quota was 1,331 and fell short by 125 students for 90.6% enrollment.

Dongseo University’s quota was 2,133 and fell short by 210 students for 90.2% enrollment.

Tongmyeong University’s quota was 1,627 and fell short by 211 students for 87% enrollment.

Koshin University’s quota was 868 and fell short by 147 students for 83% enrollment.

Silla University’s quota was 1,717 and fell short by 339 students for 80.3% enrollment.

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